The automatic transmission is also an important part of the vehicle: it controls the power and speed. It increases the torque of the vehicle to accelerate and prevents the engine from working too hard by moderating internal oil pressure. The torque converter and the transmission are the key components of automatic transmissions. 

Automatic remanufactured Mercedes automatic transmissions must be remanufactured in a very precise processing way. At Auto techio, we have qualified technicians and in-house developed test benches, so that a perfectly working automatic remanufactured Mercedes automatic transmission can be supplied by tests.


Remanufactured Mercedes automatic transmissions for sale 

Mercedes-Benz decided to build its own automatic transmission in keeping with the company’s commitment to maintaining its innovative strength – a constant factor throughout the brand’s history: as the automatically shifting transmission has a decisive influence on the character of an automobile, the development engineer striving for the best can only be content with a solution tailored precisely to the brand’s own vehicles.

Instead of a torque converter the new transmission had a hydraulic start-up clutch, which offered the advantage of reduced power loss. The secondary four-speed planetary gear system comprised two planetary sets, three multi-disc clutches and three band brakes. Mercedes-Benz had already produced automated gear shifting vehicles partially prior to this development.

The transmission is what sends power to the wheels so that your car can drive at any given speed. There are hundreds of different types of transmissions out there, based on what type of automobile you have. However, they all stem from the two most basic: a manual and an automatic.

You may be wondering what type of transmission you have. Below, our team at Auto techio will go over exactly how to find the transmission. We’ll also dive into the differences between a manual and automatic transmission.

The quality and reliability of the Mercedes-Benz automatic transmission genuine remanufactured part are extremely important. The basic transmission includes all the technological improvements in current series production and was remanufactured ready for installation. The completely remanufactured Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured Part automatic transmission saves time and money. It can be installed quickly and easily, and the pre-integrated electro-hydraulic controller unit reduces time off the road. A thorough cleaning ensures not only a high standard of quality and outstanding longevity but also that no foreign objects damage the mechanical components.

Remanufactured Mercedes Automatic Transmission Model

  • K4A 025
  • K4B 050
  • K4C 025
  • K4A 040
  • W3A 040
  • W3A 050
  • W4B 025
  • W4A 018
  • W4B 035
  • W4A 040
  • W4A 020
  • W4A 040 II
  • W4A 028
  • W5A 030
  • W5A 330
  • W5A 580
  • W5A 180
  • W7A 700
  • W9A 700

In an automatic transmission, the electronic-hydraulic transmission control is the “shifting center.” This is where the shift programs are executed and the shift pressure is adjusted in line with engine torque. The electronic safety functions are also maintained. The main difference with respect to a manual transmission is that the gearshift is performed not by the driver but by hydraulic cylinders.

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The driver keeps their foot on the accelerator pedal, and the shift elements adjust the engine speed to the new gear by means of oil pressure. Automatic transmissions feature a torque converter, which converts the engine torque to the tractive force required for the wheels. The automatic transmission ensures the required engine speeds for normal operation, shifts under load and transfers the engine torque during a gear change. It overcomes motion resistance, making it easier to drive off.

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