In remanufactured Mercury automatic transmission, the automatic transmission is also an important part of the vehicle. It controls the power and speed. It increases the torque of the vehicle to accelerate and prevents the engine from working too hard by moderating internal oil pressure. The torque converter and the transmission are the key components of automatic transmissions. 


Remanufactured automatic transmissions must be remanufactured in a very precise processing way. At Auto techio, we have qualified technicians and in-house developed test benches, so that a perfectly working automatic remanufactured transmission can be supplied by tests.

Remanufactured Mercury automatic transmissions for sale 

The Mercury Division was conceived as a ‘medium-priced’ premium car brand, that was intended to bridge the price gap between Ford and Lincoln. Mercury vehicles consisted of existing Ford models to achieve the desired price point, which was modified with more upscale interior and exterior treatments. “Flashy Fords” was a luxury version of the Ford Escape. It featured an avant-garde exterior, chrome-laden, and a plush 2-tone cabin. Four-cylinder and V6 power was available, however, no manual transmission was offered. This gearbox did a fine job when it was brand new, but problems usually started as the miles racked up.

A remanufactured transmission and rebuilt transmission is basically similar, but the work has been performed by a shipped to the original transmission manufacturing facility or dedicated transmission repair facility. By opting for a transmission remanufactured`, the customer is assured the transmission is being repaired by absolute experts on that particular transmission and it has been remanufactured to incorporate all design and product upgrades that weren’t available when it was originally manufactured.

At Auto techio, here you’ll find a wide range of automatic remanufactured mercury transmission for every vehicle: from the smallest earth-moving equipment machine to the heaviest forklift. Our unique range of remanufactured transmission includes different parts.

We work with the best brands of vehicles in the business to bring you an extensive range of options.

Remanufactured Mercury automatic transmission models

  • Cougar
  • Marauder
  • Comet
  • Mountaineer
  • Arc-valve
  • Milan
  • Marquis
  • Mounterey
  • Mariner
  • Sable
  • Grand Marquis
  • Meteor

Benefits of remanufactured Mercury automatic transmissions

  • Best transmission at cheap price.
  • Produces less waste in comparison to new and sometimes negotiable so it is environment friendly.
  • 100% quality checked remanufactured transmissions
  • No complaint or fault for a long time.
  • Different models transmissions are available.
  • All the testing completely passed transmissions.
  • High Quality Remanufactured transmissions as like 95% new.
  • Top level warranty offers. 
  • Your car will be superfast in speed.

Why choose us

A pressure test, conducted using our test bench, indicates if pressure is too high or too low (curve). These tests allow us to make sure that inside the gears are shifting correctly in our automatic mercury transmissions. These tests also make it easy to detect leakages. We also offer superb warranties on all remanufactured and rebuilt transmissions as well as our different varieties of engines like remanufactured engines. Auto techio also Offers rebuilt Engines in great quality and price.

All automatic remanufactured Mercury transmissions are fitted with new bearings, solenoids, seals, and discs. These are Inspected thoroughly and replaced by our qualified technicians as necessary. Every Mercury transmission comes with a test report.

When you assemble a remanufactured Mercury automatic transmission, it means you’re getting a product that’s built to the exacting specifications of Mercury Company – one that’s built for your vehicle. Remanufactured Mercury transmissions use newly engineered service parts in the remanufacturing process it comes equipped with sensors and contains the proper transmission fluid, helping to make installation easy.

If you just look at the words “rebuilt” and “remanufactured,” it would seem like you’re considering a difference without a distinction. In many cases these two words are interchangeable, while in some applications they have totally separate meanings.

Firstly, let’s consider a rebuilt transmission, a vehicle can experience different transmission problems that are brought to an automotive repair shop. There, the transmission is removed and worked on by a mechanic who completely disassembles the transmission all the way down to its component nuts and bolts.

In remanufactured transmission, the mechanic inspects and cleans each and every transmission component and determines which parts are in excessively worn, working order, or just plain damaged beyond repair. Damaged parts are replaced with new or “used” components, and the unit is then reassembled. Once the transmission is completely reinstalled and the vehicle is ready to hit the road.

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