When you are searching for an automatic remanufactured Lexus automatic transmission. The automatic transmission is also an important part of the vehicle: it controls the power and speed. It increases the torque of the vehicle to accelerate and prevents the engine from working too hard by moderating internal oil pressure. The torque converter and the transmission are the key components of automatic transmissions. 

Remanufactured automatic transmissions must be remanufactured in a very precise processing way. At Auto techio, we have qualified technicians and in-house developed test benches, so that a perfectly working automatic remanufactured transmission can be supplied by tests.


Remanufactured Lexus automatic transmissions for sale 

The transmission is what sends power to the wheels so that your car can drive at any given speed. There are hundreds of different types of transmissions out there, based on what type of automobile you have. However, they all stem from the two most basic: a manual and an automatic.

You may be wondering what type of transmission you have. Below, our team at Auto techio will go over exactly how to find the transmission. We’ll also dive into the differences between a manual and automatic transmission.

Remanufactured Lexus automatic transmission from our Auto techio network that offers a great warranty on qualified units! Auto techio carries a wide-ranging catalog of different remanufactured transmissions for all applications including gas and diesel engines. Buy your latest remanufactured transmissions from us and save lots of money and time.

Unlimited Mile Warranty, Nationwide & Transferable on remanufactured transmission. torque converter tested for leaks, concentricity, and balance in improved and remanufactured Lexus automatic transmission. It eliminates the possibilities of front premature vibration and upgrades to exceed OE requirements. To improve internal fluid flow control of transmission and fluid pressures all new bushings are installed in key locations.

All transmissions are complex and contain many components that are intricate. Dirt and Heat can cause components to fail and can create small areas of friction and wearing down the gears. These are the signs and symptoms of a failing transmission.

If you find that your old Lexus transmission is failing, it’s important to bring it into an ASE certified Lexus transmission shop right away. If you’re hearing any noise while switching gears or smelling a burning odor from under your vehicle or feeling friction and vibrations while shifting then these are the symptoms of Lexus transmission problems. You can prevent further damage to your Lexus’s transmission by taking it to a Lexus Transmission mechanic and getting it fixed as soon as possible.

Remanufactured Lexus Automatic Transmission Models

  • Lexus LC
  • Lexus GX
  • Lexus GS
  • Lexus ES
  • Lexus LS
  • Lexus IS
  • Lexus RX
  • Lexus SC
  • Lexus LFA

A pressure test, conducted using our test bench, indicates if pressure is too high or too low (curve). These tests allow us to make sure that inside the gears are shifting correctly in our automatic Lexus transmissions. These tests also make it easy to detect leakages.

Reason to choose us

All automatic remanufactured Lexus automatic transmissions are fitted with new bearings, solenoids, seals, and discs. These are Inspected thoroughly and replaced by our qualified technicians as necessary. Every Lexus transmission comes with a test report.

When you assemble a remanufactured Lexus automatic transmission, it means you’re getting a product that’s built to the exacting specifications of Lexus Company – one that’s built for your vehicle. Remanufactured transmissions use newly engineered service parts in the remanufacturing process; it comes equipped with sensors and contains the proper transmission fluid, helping to make installation easy.

With the best quality remanufactured transmission, Auto Techio also provides you a great warranty like remanufactured engines. Auto techio also Offers rebuilt Engines in great quality and price. We also offer used engines in very good condition

In remanufactured transmission, the mechanic inspects and cleans each and every transmission component and determines which parts are excessively worn, working order, or just plain damaged beyond repair. Damaged parts are replaced with new or “used” components, and the unit is then reassembled. Once the transmission is completely reinstalled and the vehicle is ready to hit the road.

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