The problems with OEM transmission in Mini simply result in damages. It may also lead to electrical programming issues or a problem with the valve body. Fixing the programming for your transmission may not resolve the problem. In that situation, the transmission must be rebuilt. In others, valve body updates will fix your transmission. Thus, you can choose our remanufactured mini automatic transmission at a low cost. Your Mini vehicle will be happy on having the best remanufactured transmission.

Autotechio has different automatic transmissions in all available makes & models for your vehicle. And all are 24 hours ready for shipping or in-store pickup. Our standard automatic transmission includes a high-quality torque converter that improves driving dynamics. Although it helps to analyze the driver’s habits to optimize its shifts. Our remanufactured products fulfill the demands for quality, service & value at significant savings. Here, all components are subjected to a rigorous testing & inspecting regimen. All these standards are tough, uncompromising & rigidly maintained.

Remanufactured Mini automatic transmission for sale 

The Mini Mark 1 model was the first FWD small car to go automatic with a revolutionary unit similar to today. The Mini Mark 1 model was the first FWD compact car to go automatic with a revolutionary unit similar to today’s “Steptronic” systems. Here, the driver can manually change the forward gears or operate in an automatic “D” position. Introduced in 1965. It was the first transverse-mounted automatic transmission unit tailored for front-wheel drive. Larger models like the Clubman and Countryman will keep the conventional automatic with the standard car using a six-speed unit and the S and JCW employing the eight-speed.

Mini typically experience transmission problems under specific circumstances, such as higher mileage, dangerous driving habits, or when the car reaches a certain age. It may also lead to the failure of other car components. Dealing with automatic transmission failure is quite frustrating. Sometimes it leads to more expensive repair bills & time-consuming labor. This highly inconvenient deal may drain your wallet. Thus choose engine replacement instead of paying several dollars to a machinist. Hence, install our refurbished mini transmission to get back your vehicle on road.

When it comes to your mini automatic car, choose parts & products from a reputed & trusted brand. Autotechio is one of the reputed & trusted brands of transmissions at cheap rates in the USA. At Autotechio, every transmission is a dynamometer tested under live engine power. The stall test, fluid leak test, lock up test & park test are performed on each qualifying unit. While remanufacturing, pressurized fluid & special fixtures are used to test circuit leakage. Transmission performance is pre-inspected at the assembly station before delivery.

Autotechio delivers different rebuilt mini transmissions, such as mini cooper automatic transmission, mini 8-speed automatic gearbox, classic mini automatic gearbox, and many more. Our offering cost is minimal & affordable as compared to other transmissions dealers. We offer high-performance & reliable transmissions at cheap rates.

Remanufactured Mini Automatic Transmission Models

  • Hatch
  • Mini Countryman
  • Clubman
  • Mini marque

Why Choose us

At AutoTechio, we have a dedicated team of professional transmission technicians, who provide a fast, reliable, quality service to all Mini models. We carry out servicing and repairs to all types of manual gearboxes and automatic transmissions. Here we only work with top reliable Automatic Transmission parts and product brands. So that you can shop with complete confidence & find the best deal. Some of our top Automatic Transmission Fluid product brands are Castrol, and CARQUEST Oil & Fluids. We assure you will get the right product that keeps your Lanos running for a long time.

We offer superb warranties on all remanufactured transmissions as well as our different varieties of engines like remanufactured engines. Auto techio also Offers used engines in great quality and price. Depending on the age and location of the vehicle the cost of rebuilt transmission can be more. Whether the transmission is manual or automatic, a warranty is provided. Factory-remanufactured Mini automatic transmissions typically cost more & come with a longer warranty that takes two or more days to install.

We Work to make our customers happy and to run your Mini smoothly on the road for a long time.

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