Is your Dodge car not running. Even it is not moving, or the gear is stuck midway. Thus, your car transmission has been spoiled. Now you need to replace your damaged clutch with the new one. But the new transmission for your Doge automatic car can be more expensive. Hence, choose our best quality remanufactured Dodge automatic transmission for your car. Because these transmissions are more affordable and reliable than new. Besides this, their performance will be equal to the new one.

At autotechio, we deliver products with the best integrity and honesty. All these products offer at fair prices. Unlike other competitors, we don’t apply the extra charge on our products. We build a quality transmission that undergoes rigorous testing & eliminates premature failures. All these transmissions exceed the OEM standards. Even they extend the life span of your Dodge car. Thus we advise you to install our best quality rebuilt transmission at a low cost in your car.


Remanufactured Dodge automatic transmission for sale 

For decades, dodge had languished off ford series & Chevrolet Silverado. It has multiple automatic transmission & torque converter packages, for both domestic & import. These gearboxes are ideally suited for different types of vehicles, but they can develop problems over time. Due to damaged transmission, problems like overheating, transmission slipping, Solenoid problems are occurring. For solving these problems, you need to replace your transmission. Instead of buying new transmission, you can choose used Dodge transmission & remanufactured dodge transmission.

Our remanufactured Dodge automatic transmission includes an improved torque converter. Every transmission here includes a fully remanufactured valve body, which has a complete system correction and recalibration kit and is tested independently. To eliminate the possibility of front vibration, seal leaks, and all torque converters. Each remanufactured Dodge transmission is load, cold, hot and simulated road-tested using our proprietary CARS dynamometer program. All remanufactured Dodge transmissions and other transmissions are backed by the industry’s best, no-hassle nationwide warranty.

No matter how well maintained a Dodge truck is, hard work and high mileage can take their toll on the transmission. It would be a shame to replace one of these workhorses just because you need a new transmission. That’s the time to contact Auto Techio. We’re proud of the Dodge automatic transmissions we build. We’ve been keeping trucks on work sites for years.

Remanufactured Dodge Automatic Transmission Models

  • Torque Flite
  • A-413
  • A-500 & A-518
  • M6 & M4
  • Fluid Drive
  • Hy-Drive
  • Powerflite

Benefits of remanufactured Dodge automatic transmission

  • Auto techio provides you best quality products at a reasonable price.
  • Produces less waste in comparison to new and sometimes negotiable so it is environment friendly.
  • 100% quality checked remanufactured transmissions
  • No complaint or fault for a long time.
  • All the testing completely passed transmissions.
  • High Quality Remanufactured transmissions as like 95% new.
  • Top level warranty offers. 
  • Your car will be superfast in speed.

Reason to choose us

Auto Techio provides the best automatic transmission at such good prices- that you can easily afford it. Auto Techio has done all the work for you and has negotiated the lowest prices in the country on remanufactured transmissions. You will also find the best-rebuilt transmission here. We can sell these Dodge transmissions at such a low price. You want a Dodge transmission, we will sell you a quality warrantied Dodge transmission for the lowest price. These Dodge transmissions will save you hundreds of dollars on the labor that you typically would spend on swapping parts over on a new engine. Save that money and put it in your pocket!

With the best quality remanufactured transmission, Auto Techio also provides you a great warranty on their transmission. This means we will repair the transmission free of cost if it has any technical issues till the warranty period. We are here not to sell the only transmission, we provide our customers with high-quality performance. We work for the service, to save your money, making you happy, and run your Dodge smoothly on the road for a long time.

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