Auto Techio recycling and maintaining a great stock of good running, quality tested and remanufactured BMW engines- you get used and remanufactured engines for all BMW make and models. These are good and running used BMW engines which are run tested before uninstalling.

Remanufactured BMW Engines 1

After removing the engine from the vehicle, these used engines are compression and leak down tested for confirming factory BMW specifications. To confirming correct oil pressure, expose oil leaks they are run on our dyno at 1200 rpm, and tested for any abnormal noise while running. When they pass all tests, they are ready to seal up with cap-plugs, jet washed, dried, sealed in plastic, and palletized for secure shipment. We provide 2 years, unlimited mileage on our all Auto Techio’s used BMW engines. We provide used BMW engine replacement guarantee.

These qualities assured BMW engines are generally priced 50% to 75% off our official rebuilt engine prices. They are the excellent choice for the BMW owner on a budget — or those BMW buyers who might otherwise be want to sell their BMW due to an engine failure. Buying a quality tested and guaranteed used BMW engine from Auto Techio Auto recycling allows you to continue to enjoy your BMW for years – and shipping directly to your BMW mechanic saves your time and money in the complete process.

Remanufactured BMW engine price can fluctuate because of supply and demand. For any assessment call our expert staff and get a current price quote on all remanufactured BMW engines. The quote will include a reference no that locks you at the lowest price for coming 30 days. We can also dispatch directly to your BMW dealer or any BMW repair facility all over the United State.

Remanufactured BMW engine for sale

Remanufactured BMW Engines are one of our pursuits, whether it be from stock, in replacement for your current BMW engine, or we can take your engine, remanufacture it and return it to you, either applied in your BMW or on a pallet ready for regional fitting.

As we supply so many remanufactured engines so we have generally a good stock of core engines and parts in our stores. This is the combination of our vast knowledge of BMW engine remanufacturing gives us not only a competitive edge when it comes to price, you get peace of mind if you know that your engine is in safe hands.  

Fast delivery

Because we know the importance of your vehicle to you, so our aim is to turn all BMW engines faster than other manufacturers. Whether it’s an off the shelf engine we try to deliver it for the next day or collection and return procedure will also be arranged in a couple of days.   

Unbeatable Price, Guaranteed!

Because of the high volume of the BMW engines. We remanufacture and we are able to provide engines at a great price. We also arrange collection and delivery services at very competitive rates.

Remanufactured BMW engine provided by us

  • N54 Engine
  • S85 Engine
  • S65 Engine
  • S63/S63 TU Engine
  • S55 Engine
  • N63 / N63TU Engine
  • N55 Engine
  • N20 Engine
  • BMW 128i engines
  • BMW 1M engines
  • BMW 228i engines
  • BMW 318i engines
  • BMW 320i engines
  • BMW 323i engines
  • BMW 325i engines
  • BMW 328i engines
  • BMW 328i GT engines
  • BMW 330i engines
  • BMW 335i engines
  • BMW 335i GT engines
  • BMW 340i engines
  • BMW 428i engines
  • BMW 435i engines
  • BMW 525i engines
  • BMW 528i engines
  • BMW 530i engines
  • BMW 535i engines
  • BMW 535i GT engines
  • BMW 540i engines
  • BMW 545i engines
  • BMW 550i engines
  • BMW 550i GT engines
  • BMW 640i engines
  • BMW 645Ci engines
  • BMW 650i engines
  • BMW 740i engines
  • BMW 745i engines
  • BMW 750i engines
  • BMW 760i engines
  • BMW 840i engines
  • BMW 850i engines
  • BMW ActiveHybrid 5 engines
  • BMW ActiveHybrid 7 engines
  • BMW Alpina B6 engines
  • BMW Alpina B7 engines
  • BMW I3 engines
  • BMW I8 engines
  • BMW M2 engines
  • BMW M235i engines
  • BMW M3 engines
  • BMW M4 engines
  • BMW M5 engines
  • BMW M6 engines
  • BMW X1 engines
  • BMW X3 engines
  • BMW X4 engines
  • BMW X5 engines
  • BMW X5M engines
  • BMW X6 engines
  • BMW X6M engines
  • BMW Z3 engines
  • BMW Z4 engines
  • BMW Z8 engines

Here at Auto Techio we provide all above mentioned remanufactured engines in better quality and pocket-friendly price. For any query, you can call us, our experienced engineers are always ready to assist you. They feel glad in solving your queries.

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