Here at Auto Techio we remanufacture top-quality engines with high tech equipment. If you want to buy the best-remanufactured Jeep engines, we present all available makes & models of these remanufactured engines for sale.

Also, you can get a remanufactured, rebuilt engine from Auto Techio according to your need. Many times it happens that, rebuilt Jeep Grand Cherokee engines are better reliable than used Jeep Grand Cherokee engines. There also add Upgraded Jeep Grand Cherokee parts which are approved by the manufacturer that replace with original equipment which is faulty. The remanufactured engines of Auto Techio have been completely uninstalled then rebuilt and tested with new internal parts.


As we know Jeep owners are special. Here at Auto Techio we understand your passion for your jeep. We are always ready to help you in selecting the right remanufactured jeep engine for your jeep at the best quality and pocket-friendly price. The remanufactured jeep engines of Auto Techio are built to increase the original OE specifications, you always find a great quality remanufactured engines from us. We never compromise with engine quality. Also, the performance of our remanufactured Jeep engines gives the same experience as a new car engine.

Our remanufactured Jeep engines models for sale

Auto Techio deals with the high-quality of remanufactured Jeep engines for sale in all available makes & models. Here you get these remanufactured engine availability in various fuel types such as petrol & diesel engine. Find the list of our best selling remanufactured Jeep engines in all models.

  • Jeep Wrangler
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • Jeep Liberty
  • Jeep Commander
  • Jeep Patriot and Jeep Compass
  • Jeep 4.0L L6 Engine
  • Jeep 3.7L V6 Engine
  • Jeep 4.7L V8 Engine
  • Jeep 5.7 Hemi V8 Engine

and more for popular models like the Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Our remanufactured Jeep engines types

MakesLitersCCCylinderVinEng. codeYearsDescriptionParts
AMC Jeep2.31304Willy Jeep1950-71F headDA 24
AMC Jeep2.51504U83-8783-87 Eagle, 83-86 Jeep, 7/16″ head bolts, block #448, 059, head #893, crank#611, oil filter bypass in block, mechanical FIR Can use DA27DA 27
AMC Jeep2.51504UH86block #059, head #403, crank #611, 1/2″ head bolts, with oil filter by-pass in blockDA 28
AMC Jeep2.51504HP87-96block #200, 059, 532, 403, head #403, 117 crank #904, crank nose 2.125″,Oil bypass in filter, not in block, EFI onlyDA 36
AMC Jeep2.51514HP96-02block #200, 059, 532, 403, 117 crank # 904, crank nose 2.125″, Oil Bypass in Filter, Not In block, FI Only.  WranglerDA 25
AMC Jeep2.51734B82-83Pontiac Engine Jeeps and  Eagles. block #152, head #552, 702 specify stud mount or bolt on rockersDC 38
AMC Jeep2.81736W84hevrolet Engine, block #068, 889,818, 370. CarburetedDC 93
AMC Jeep2.81966W85-86Chevrolet Engine, block #061, 379, 690. CarburetedDB 11
AMC Jeep3.22256EarlyCall for availabilityDDA 8
AMC Jeep3.7226664-71Yes, we have them. Jeepster, Dauntless, etc. generators, pumps, busses, etcDDB
AMC Jeep3.72266K02-03Liberty SOHCDDB 8
AMC Jeep3.72266K04-05Liberty SOHC
AMC Jeep3.72266K2006Liberty SOHC
AMC Jeep3.72266K07-08Liberty SOHC
AMC Jeep3.7226660Call for availability Old, old
AMC Jeep3.7232664-70block #, head# Prior To Engine #307-E-20
AMC Jeep3.8232672-74block #, head# Rocker Shaft TypeDAO 5
AMC Jeep3.8232672-74block #, head# Bolt-On Type RockersDAO 6
AMC Jeep3.82326E75-79block #445, 098, head #258, crank #722DA 17
AMC Jeep3.82426LM87-90block #665, 535. head #686DA 29
AMC Jeep42426S91block #405, head #119, 120. crank #453. Pilot hole 3 1/4″ deepDA 23

We are providing a large collection of replacement, remanufactured, and crate engines in great stock for your jeep. Our customer care executives are always ready to help you in selecting the right engine for your Jeep.
Replace your engine with a better engine that is remanufactured with a recognized manufacturer from the ground up with the new OE quality parts and updated engineering.

Our remanufactured Jeep engines service

Auto Techio is the largest car engine service provider in the USA. We deal in various categories of car engine service such as a rebuilt, used engine, remanufactured, and new car engine. All the car engine services are done under the observation of a highly skilled team of technicians & engineers.

With our trusted remanufactured Jeep engine service, we are also offering the car engine transmission service such as remanufactured transmission & rebuilt transmission for all brands of cars.

To get more information or want to buy remanufactured Jeep engines, you can call or contact us. Our sales & technical department will help you to find out the best deal.

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