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Inquiry for used Acura CL engines- Model & specifications

Buy high-quality engines for Acura CL in all its manufacturing models. In our preowned Acura engines inventory, you will get a complete inquiry for all manufacturing models of Acura CL engines price list & specification detail. We are having a huge collection including the availability of Acura CL motor engines in all manufacturing years. A few of the most demanding & popular models of engines are listed below,

Acura CL engines first-generation (1997-1999)

The first generation of Acura CL was launched in 1997 and it was equipped with a 3.0 L J30 V6 l4 engine. In 1998 Acura CL upgrade it & featured a 2.3 L on the prime level. The superior level was eliminated in 1999 when decor become standard on each and every model. The pattern of the alloy wheel keeps changing on 3.0 with every passing year from a 5-spoke pattern design to a multi-spoke alloy pattern design.

Used Acura CL Engine 1997- 1999 (Gasoline)

EngineVTEC 2.3L 4 Cylinder 150 hp GasVTEC 3.0L 6 Cylinder 200 hp Gas
Trim3.2 CL Coupe3.2 CL Type-S Coupe
Horsepower150 hp@5700 rpm200 hp@5600 rpm
Torque152 lb-ft@4900 rpm195 lb-ft@4800 rpm
Required FuelGasoline Premium UnleadedGasoline Premium Unleaded
Fuel Capacity17.2 Gallons17.2 Gallons
Top Speed149 mph149 mph
Acceleration 0-62 mph6.2 s6.1 s
Drive TypeFront-Wheel DriveFront-Wheel Drive
Gearbox5 Speed Manual OD4-Speed Automatic
Fuel Economy23-24 mpg23-24 mpg
Fuel SystemDirect InjectionDirect Injection

ACURA CL Engines Second Generation (2001-2003)

CL brought corrective changes in 2003. 55w road lamp was changed with a non-functional air vent, side mirrors were recreated and they took a square shape, paired paint with tinted glass to solve the problem regarding the noise coming from the mirror seam. Also, revised massive tips were a new and dynamic edition.tic changes in 2003.

Used Acura CL Engine 2001-2003 (Gasoline)

EngineVTEC 3.2L 6 Cylinder 225 hp GasVTEC 3.2L 6 Cylinder 225 hp Gas
Trim3.2 CL Coupe3.2 CL Type-S Coupe
Displacement3210cm33210 cm3
Horsepower225 hp@5,600 rpm260 hp@6100 rpm
Torque217 lb-ft@4700 rpm232 lb-ft@5500 rpm
Required FuelGasoline Premium UnleadedGasoline Premium Unleaded
Fuel Capacity17.5 Gallons17.5 Gallons
Top Speed148 mph149 mph
Acceleration 0-62 mph5.2 s5.1 s
Drive TypeFront-Wheel DriveFront-Wheel Drive
Gearbox5 Speed Sequential Sportshift Automatic OD5 Speed Sequential Sportshift Automatic OD,
6-Speed Automatic
Fuel Economy25-26 mpg25-26 mpg
Fuel SystemDirect InjectionDirect Injection

Why should you prefer preowned used Acura CL engines over the new engine?

Reasonable low-cost used engines also have multiple benefits and sometimes can be more reliable than the new ones. There are more customers who purchased preowned engines and haven’t got any problem with them for 8-10 years. Here are a few reasons why should you buy a used engine:

Cost-effective: Buying a preowned Acura CL engine not only saves money but also sometimes gives you great deals on low-mileage engines. It is a cost-effective option and renews your vehicle under budget.

Environment friendly: By using a used engine you can play your part in saving nature. As the utilization of preowned used engines will rise it affects the manufacturing of new engines and hence will lead to less carbon emission from factories. Which may make a great change for our environment.

Reliable: The used engines are checked & tested multiple times by the technicians to provide proper functioning. Buying a preowned engine may look to be risky but Autotechio is offering you warranties on every used engine which protect you from getting into a wrong deal.

Buy a used ACURA CL engine at an affordable price- Book your order now

The cost of any engine is based on the supply and demand of parts. If your Acura model is a limited version then the parts supply is short and the costs would be more so it can cost you more than the normal engine cost. Prices are always varying due to this demand & supply curve. Autotechio provides quality checked & tested engines if there is an issue then the part is changed with the new one which makes the old engine as decent as a new engine under the guidance of our professional technicians and engineers. For more details regarding Acura CL used engine or to order fill out the inquiry form & our team will contact you as soon as they can. Order now to get the best deal on second-hand used engines with a warranty.

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