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Audi A3 is a compact family car that introduces as Audi’s 4th generation vehicle. In 1996 the vehicle was very first introduced & still ruling in the market of auto motors. Here we discuss the various generation of Audi A3 launched in the different years.

1. Audi A3 first-generation (type 8L)

The Audi A3 first-generation vehicle is available with 3 doors & 5 doors hatchback body style. The vehicle is available in both diesel & petrol inline-4 fitted engine. Here is the list based on the Audi A3 first-generation engine type,

Petrol enginesDiesel engines
1.6 8v i41.9 8v TDI
1.8 20v i4
1.8 20vt i4 turbo

2. Second-generation Audi A3 (type 8P)

The second generation of Audi A3 vehicles ruled on the road from 2003 to 2013. There are numerous changes in the powertrain during this generation. Also, a lot of experiments were made to make engines more powerful & give them a new look with a spacious interior. Here find the list of engines used in this variant of the vehicle.

Petrol enginesDiesel engines
1.2 tfsi i41.6 TDI I4
1.4 tfsi i41.9 TDI I4
1.6 i42.0 TDI I4
1.6tfsi i4
1.8tfsi i4
2.0 fsi i4, 2.0 tfsi i4
2.5tfsi i5
3.2 VR6

3. Audi A3 third-generation (type 8V)

The Audi vehicle’s third generation is introduced in the year 2012 & ruling the market till 2020. The vehicle launched with various changes in body style like 2-door convertible, 4-door sedan, 3 & 5 door hatchback. Here find the list of fitted engines in Audi A3 third-generation vehicle,

Petrol enginesDiesel engines
1.4tfsi i4 g-Tron1.6TDI i4
1.0tfsi i32.0 TDI i4
1.2tfsi i4
1.4tfsi i4
1.4tfsi e-Tron i4
1.5tfsi i4
1.8tfsi i4
2.0tfsi i4
2.5tfsi i4
2.5tfsi i5

4. Audi A3 fourth-generation (type 8Y)

The 4th generation Audi A3 was introduced in the year 2020 & still this vehicle is still ruling on the road. The vehicle design with newly updated & latest features. This motor vehicle has a 5-door hatchback & a 4-door sedan body type. Here find the list of engines uses in the fourth-generation Audi A3,

Petrol engineDiesel engine
1.0l i32.0l TDI
1.5l i42.0L TDI Quatrro
2.0l i4

Audi A3 used engines for sale- Model, price & specification

Here we have mentioned the top best-selling model of Audi A3 engines in the USA. A huge availability in all makes & models of Audi A3 engines. Our team of technicians follows the standard refurbishment process & OEM certified parts to increase their durability, efficiency & performance. Let’s get more inquiries about the price & specification detail of preowned engines for Audi A3 in different models. Choose the quality models of used Audi engines.

1. Audi A3 2016 2.0 TDI used engines for sale

The most famous Audi A3 2016 2.0 TDI series is the most powerful engine designed by Audi. This inline-4 diesel engine reached its top speed in a few seconds. Also, they are designed to maximize efficiency while you run your vehicle at high-speed. A few more specification details are mentioned in the below table,

Fuel typeDiesel
Power150hp@3500 rpm
Torque236 lb-ft@1750 rpm
Base engine size2.0l

2. Audi A3 1.8t premium used engines for sale

The premium range of the best manufacturing model of Audi A3 1.8t engines for sale at low cost. Get the detailed inquiry with price & specification detail and book your order in easy steps. Engine details mention in the below table.

EngineInline 4
Fuel TypeGasoline
Power170hp@4500 rpm
Torque200lb-ft@1600 rpm
Base engine size1.8l

3. Audi A3 1.5tfsi preowned engines (2017) for sale

Buy well-maintain Audi A3 1.5tfsi used engines to run your old vehicle similar to the new one. Authorized dealer of preowned engines for Audi in the United States. Book your order now to get attractive discounts on every deal. Other specification detail mentioned in the below table.

Engine1.5 TFSI i4
Fuel typeGasoline
Power output148hp@5000 rpm
Torque184lb-ft@1500 rpm
Base engine size1.5l

4. Audi A3 2.0tfsi (2006-2013) used engine for sale

Audi A3 2.0tfsi engine series is designed to get an efficient & smooth driving experience. This Audi A3 engine is mainly the inline-4 type of engine with a power output of 261 hp. Also, its low buying cost added additional features for the buyer. Engine specification & other detail mentioned in the below table,

Fuel TypeGasoline
Power output261hp@6000 rpm
Torque258lb-ft@2500-5000 rpm
Base engine size2.0l

Along with all these used engines for Audi A3, here find the list of a few more preowned Audi A3 engines offered by Autotechio,

  • 2.5 TFSI inline-4
  • 3.2 VR6
  • 1.6 TDI inline-4
  • 1.9 TDI inline-4
  • 1.8 20vT inline-4
  • 1.4tfsi G-Tron Inline-4
  • 1.0tfsi inline-3
  • 2.5tfsi inline-5

Difference between Audi A3 & Audi A4 Car engine

Most of the time lots of people didn’t understand what is the basic specification difference between Audi A3 & A4 engines. But don’t worry about our auto parts inventory, before selling any product we provide detailed information including the engine model, type & other detail. Here get a small detail for a better understanding of how the Audi A3 engine is different from the Audi A4.

PowertrainAudi A4Audi A3
Engine type2.0l i4tfsiI4tfsi gasoline engine
Max power188bhp@4200 rpm148 bhp@5800 rpm
Torque320Nm@1450 rpm250Nm@1500 rpm
Transmissionautomatic -7 gears, paddle shift, sport modeAutomatic-6 gears, manual override, sport mode

Audi A3 engine replacement cost

As we know the buying & maintenance cost of the Audi A3 is a little high as compared to other average budget cars. But the luxurious feature & eye catchy look is really worth your money. There are a lot of questions about the maintenance cost of Audi cars. People, who are willing to buy this vehicle always have these questions in their minds how much is the maintenance cost of the Audi A3? How much does it take to rebuild Audi engines? and Are Audi a3 expensive to maintain? Here I am going to answer all these questions. Audi is considered one of the most expensive cars as the technology used to manufacture this car is costly. so, yes Audi is a bit expensive to maintain but it’s the same if you go with any other rival car.

There are a few things that can help you to reduce maintenance costs that are properly servicing your car by yourself. Changing the engine oil from time to time. Checking for any AC leakage if there is then get it fixed as it starts to appear. Check coolant level to prevent overheating of the engine. This can help your engine to work fine in the long run but there is an expiry date on every engine that is being made in that you can give your engine for rebuilding to an authorized dealer or a good mechanic which can cost you up to $1000.

If the engine is having a serious issue then it’s best to go with the used engine which can get pretty good working engines with low mileage if you buy from authorized dealers like Autotechio.

Find the best deal on used engines for Audi with Autotechio

With huge experience in used auto motor parts, Autotechio deals in high-quality & well-optimized preowned Audi engines for sale in the USA. All parts are OEM certified to provide quality service with the best user experience. You can online review our service & price inquiry. The offering range of second-hand engines for sale is available at a low & affordable cost. A few more other features of our service are listed here,

  • Complete manufacturing warranty
  • Low buying cost
  • Availability in all makes & models
  • Doorstep service

So if you are interested to buy a second-hand engine for Audi A3, fill out our inquiry form with basic detail & our sales team will contact you to provide the best deal on preowned Audi engines.

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