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The Audi A8 is one of the most selling vehicles in their segment. The luxurious design, easy handling & comfortable driving experience are a few of the best key features of these vehicles. Here find detailed information about the types of Audi engines used in the Audi A8 & the list of the most demanding engines for the Audi A8.

What kind of engines does Audi A8 have?

Audi A8 is the luxurious Sedan Model available with a powerful engine & all-wheel-drive option. Also, the vehicle engine is manufactured in three different categories the first one is gasoline engines & the other one is diesel engines in two different categories. The Audi A8 motor engine is designed in 6, 8 & 12 cylinder features with 3.0 ltr to 6.3 ltr. Furthermore, modifications were made to this engine year by year. In the below table you have to find various models of Audi A8 engines.

List of engines fitted in Audi A8

V6 TDI148hp-178hp310-370Nm
V8 TDI222hp480Nm

As the generations passed Audi A8 was given a few additional engines that are 6.3FSI and 4.2 FSI gasoline engines. Let us take a look at the detailed specs of a few major AUDI a8 engines for sale.

Preowned Audi A8 engines for sale, we offer

In our Audi used engine inventory, we are offering the best in quality & OEM certified engines for sale at a low price. Here we have listed a few of the most selling Audi A8 used engines that you can buy from us. Let’s have a look at the model, specification & other detail,

1. Audi a8 L 2021 Quattro engine for sale

Audi A8 L Quattro 2021 model engines are for sale at low prices, book your order now to get the best deal. This V6 TFSI engine avail with a 3.0 ltr displacement which generates 335 horsepower at 5000 RPM. Other key specifications mentioned in the below table,

Engine typeV6, TFSI
Max power335hp@5000 rpm
Torque500Nm@1370 rpm
Warranty 2+ years

2. Audi a8 W12 engine for sale

Buy preowned engines for Audi A8 W12 at low & affordable prices, book your order for more inquiries. Autotechio offers the best-refurbished units for Audi A8 engines with a warranty. All units redesign under the optimization of experienced experts. Key specifications of this engine are mentioned in the below table,

Engine typew12
No of cylinders12
Fuel TypeGasoline
Max power 444hp@6200 rpm
Torque580Nm@4000 rpm
Warranty2+ years

3. Audi a8 4.2 v8 Quattro engine for sale

Well-built & best in the quality used engines for Audi A8 4.2 V8 Quattro engines for sale in the United States. High-rated V8 engines & 4172 cm3 displacement produce 330 horsepower at 6500 rpm. Other specification details find in the below table.

Engine typeV8
Max power330hp@6500 rpm
Torque430Nm@3500 rpm
Fuel typePetrol

4. Audi 3.0TDI Quattro engines for sale

Book your order for Audi 3.0TDI Quattro second-hand engines in the United States. This V6 engine type is available in diesel fuel which generates a max of 230 horsepower at 4000 rpm. Engine specifications are mentioned in the below table,

Engine typeV6
Fuel typeDiesel
Max power230hp@4000 rpm
Torque450Nm@1400 rpm

5. Audi 4.0TDI V8 Quattro engines for sale

Used engines for Audi 4.0 TDI V8 Quattro engines inquiry, book your order now to get extra discounts on every purchase. Autotechio offers the best deal & complete warranty on each unit of preowned engines for sale. Here in the below list find more detail about engine specifications.

Engine typeV8
Fuel typeDiesel
Max power271bhp@3750 rpm
Torque650Nm@1800 rpm
Warranty2+ years

Few other engines available at Autotechio for sale:

  • V10 FSI engine
  • V6 FSI engine
  • V8 FSI engine
  • 2.0 TFSI hybrid engine
  • 6.3 FSI Quattro engine
  • 60 TFSI v8 Biturbo engine

What is the difference between Audi A8 and Audi A8l?

The major difference in both of these vehicles is the size of the wheelbase. The A8I wheelbase size is bigger than Audi A8 (approx 13cm) which consider more luxurious with an automated driving experience. Along with it, this vehicle has a few more extra added features such as a better reclining seat, and extra space. A8l is given more inside space and better reclining seats to make it feel like a more luxurious ride for the customers. Few Audi owners have different views on it. They feel A8 is a more comfortable ride in terms of handling than A8l.

When you should replace your engine?

Every engine ever made is having an expiry date on it after which it will stop working or start to be inefficient. This is the time when you should either replace your car or replace your engine. This is totally dependent on your requirements and your budget. Before an engine’s life is about to expire it starts to show some signs like throwing dark smoke, deposition on the dark matter on the carburetor, and making knocking sounds. If you are experiencing any of these signs it’s time to say goodbye to your old engine as soon as possible because it can give you hard time anywhere.

Now, if you want a solution to give your car good muscle and the same power as before then you should always go with engine replacement. If you are a person who doesn’t want to spend a heavy amount on your old car then you should buy a used engine from a reliable dealer like Autotechio.

Buy a used Audi A8 engine at a great price- Book your order now

The price of any engine is dependent on the supply and demand of parts. If your Audi is a limited edition then the parts supply is short and the prices would be higher so it can cost you more than the normal engines. Prices are always fluctuating due to this supply and demand curve. Autotechio provides two types of engines one is used engines which are taken out from a car in working condition and tested for any faults, if there is any fault then the part is replaced with the new one which makes the old engine reliable as a new engine.

The other engines are reconditioned engines that are taken out from accidental vehicles and repaired by the professional technicians and engineers in Autotechio to make them work as they were before. For more information or to book your order fill out the inquiry form & our team will help you to find the best deal on second-hand engines with a warranty.

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