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List of Audi R8 engines for sale- Review & specification

The Audi R8 is available with 5.2ltr V10 power engines which is extremely great in performance. This engine variant was very first introduced in the year 2006 & still ruling on the road. This vehicle engine is available in mainly two-generation, the first one is Audi R8 & another one is Audi R8 4s.

Header LabelFirst-generation, Audi R8The second generation, Audi R8 4s
Engine used4.2l FSI v8 & 5.2l FSI v105.2l FSI V10

As we discussed previously, the Audi R8 engine is available with 5.2 ltr V10 engines which generate 602 hp power to make vehicle performance faster. This engine is available in two different variants & both are considered as the best & potential in performance. Here find the detailed information about the Audi R8 engine model from our inventory & buy used engines at low prices.

2021 Audi R8 used engines for sale at low prices

Audi R8 2021 preowned engine model for sale at low cost check the latest specification & price detail. These OEM-certified engines are available with 5.2 ltr V10 features which generate 570 horsepower at 8000 rpm. Detail specification of this engine is mentioned in the below table,

Engine used5.2l V10
Horsepower570hp@8000 rpm
Max torque406lb-ft@6400 rpm
Top speed203mph

2018 Audi R8 preowned engines inquiry

Buy Audi R8 engines for the 2018 engine model & run your old vehicle similar to the new one. With a quality displacement of 5203 cm3 & 570 horsepower at 8000 rpm, this Audi R8 2018 engine offers reliable performance. A few other key specifications are mentioned in the below table.

Engine usedV10
Power570hp@8000 rpm
Torque413lb-ft@6300 rpm
Top speed204mph

2012 Audi R8 engines specification detail

Audi R8 2012 engine model for sale, book your order now to get attractive deals. Autotechio contains the largest online inventory for Audi engines in all manufacturing models & the experienced team of technicians will inspect each & every part in all quality parameters. Engine specification & other detail mentioned in the below table,

Engine used4.2l V8 fsi
Power output430hp@7900 rpm
Torque317lb-ft@4500-6000 rpm
Fuel typeGasoline

2007 Audi R8 second-hand engines for sale

Check Audi R8 2007 engine model from our online inventory & book an order to get back your old vehicle on road. Autotechio deals in the premium quality of Audi R8 engines for sale in the USA. Engine specification & other detail found in the below table,

Engine used4.2l V8 FSI
Power output420hp@7800 rpm
Top speed187mph

A few other models of Audi R8 second-hand engines in our inventory,

  • 2015 Audi r8 used engines
  • 2010 Audi r8 used engines
  • 2011 Audi r8 used engines
  • 2009 Audi r8 used engines

Does Audi have a Lamborghini engine?

The engine of the Audi R8 plays an important role to make this vehicle most fastest in their segments. This vehicle’s engine is highly reliable and potentially hit 200mph speed. This is only possible because of the presence of powerful Lamborghini Hurricane engines. This 5.2 ltr V10 is counted as one of the high-power engines that can produce 602 horsepower while running at their top speed. The Lamborghini high-grade engines are also used in Formula one racing cars & were not meant for road vehicles. Earlier Audi R8 had a V8 engine which was not as powerful as the v10 engine so the company started up-gradation soon after 2 years of Audi r8 being on road.  The usage of the Lamborghini engine in Audi has added to its popularity among the speed enthusiasts and is now being considered a supercar with all the luxury.

Audi R8 v10 engine price & replacement cost

The Audi R8 is present in two different body styles one is a coupe and another one is a convertible. Both of these have different prices. The price of the coupe is about $148,700 & the price of the convertible is $160,090 which is flexible based on their demand. As this car is considered to be the fastest and is on the list of supercars its maintenance is also costly. If you want to replace your Audi r8 engine with a new engine it can go up to $25000 to $35000 and an additional labor cost of up to $5000 to $8000. These prices are subjected to change with the change in demand and supply.

On the other hand, replacing it with used engines can cost you between $10000 to $20000 depending on the availability of parts and excluding the labor cost. If you go with authorized dealers like Autotechio then we can provide all these services at the lowest cost.

Audi R8 engine replacement Service with Autotechio

Autotechio is one of the most trusted brands for engine replacements all across the USA. We have been dealing with second-hand and reconditioned engines for over years now. Our used Audi engines are rated as the most reliable engines by the customers. The company has an excellent technical team of engineers and technicians to look after all the engines and check for minute faults. We run our engines through different tests to make sure they don’t create a problem again.

For more information or want to get the best affordable deal on second-hand Audi engines, fill out our product inquiry form. After submission of the inquiry form, our sales team will contact you & provide detailed information based on the required product.

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