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Preowned/Second-hand engines for BMW 328i, get your inquiry in all manufacturing models. Autotechio offers well-optimized & best-fitted used engines for sale in the United States. We follow the complete recycling process during the replacement of old engines. All faulty & nonworking parts were replaced with the new OEM-certified parts of the motor engine. These low mileage used BMW engine design to increase the efficiency & performance during the operation. We do the complete testing & trial run before delivering preowned engines to the client.

The various ranges of used BMW engines for sale in our inventory looked with all small details, affordable price & warranty. The availability of BMW 328i engines model like F31, F30, F34, F35 & many more gives you the best buying opportunity. These turbocharged inline-4 & inline-6 second-hand engines are available in both petrol & diesel fuel options. Here get more inquiries & choose a used engine based on your requirment.

Used BMW 328i engines price & specification inquiry in all models

Buy the best range of well-optimized preowned BMW 328i engines for sale in the USA. Get the inquiry for the latest range of OEM certified BMW engines under one roof. Our firm is the authorized dealer & supplier of preowned engines at a low cost & with a warranty. Here is a list of the most demanding models of BMW 328i engines based on the manufacturing years.

2009-2011 BMW 328i used engine for sale

BMW 328i used engine model 2009-2011 for sale at a low price, buy now to get extra discounts. OEM certified & well-conditioned engine to increase your vehicle’s performance & efficiency similar to the new one. More information about the specification & price of the engine is below table,

Engine typeN53B30, straight-6
Fuel typeGasoline
Max power231hp@6500 rpm
Torque270N-m@2750 rpm
Compression ratio10.5:1

2012-2013 BMW 328i used engine- Get an inquiry

The model 2012-2013 BMW 328i preowned engine is a turbocharged inline 4 petrol engine which is specially designed to generate huge power & make your driving experience smoother. Here we are offering the best-assembled units of BMW 328i engines for sale at a very minimum price. Other specification details find in the below list,

Engine configurationTurbocharged, inline-4
Fuel typeGasoline
Max power242hp@6500rpm
Compression ratio10:1

2016 BMW 328i used engine for sale- Detail inquiry

Preowned 328i BMW engines for 2016 models, get the most affordable deal with doorstep delivery. Our team of technician optimize all engines very deeply & check them in all parameters before installation. Here is a detailed inquiry about the 2016 BMW 328i engines,

Engine configuration2.0L INLINE-4
Fuel typeGasoline
Max power240hp@5000 rpm
Torque255N-m@1250 rpm
Compression ratio10:1

Is it safe to buy used BMW 328i engines?

Used engines are one of the best solutions for engine replacement for those who want to revive their vehicle under budget. Brand new engine for BMW vehicles is pretty expensive and needs reasonable cost additionally which becomes pretty expensive for the owner. In this case, buying BMW used engines is the best option.

Buying a pre-owned engine doesn’t only ensure pocket-friendliness but it is also an eco-friendly decision. Because a new engine manufacturing process takes a lot of raw materials & fuel. Also, fuel-burning realizes a lot of CO2 in our environmental system. Thus, if you are buying second-hand engines you are playing your part in reducing greenhouse gases and saving the planet.

Buying pre-owned engines can also benefit you in terms of reliability. As the used engine are tested and fitted with the new parts and checked by the professionals this makes them identical to the new engine. They are more reliable than new engines as they are already working engines with low mileage, tested on roads. By buying used BMW 328i engines you can get a great deal at a huge discounted price.

While buying second-hand engines people are scared of taking the risk whether it is going to work or is it gonna end up into a waste of money. But if you buy it from an authorized dealer like Autotechio you will get an extended warranty with used BMW engines. If the engine starts troubling you within that time period you can get it repaired for free by us. This is why it is safe to go with used engines.

What makes us best?

Autotechio is in the USA market for a very long time. We are one of the most renowned authorized dealers dealing with used engines & transmissions. This is possible because of the trust we have built with our customers through our genuine products and the excellent customer service that we provide. We have an excellent customer service team always ready to help you. They can provide you with the details of any engine that you require and can guide you through all the processes. Autotechio has made such a big mark in the USA because of its 100% genuine used engines at the lowest prices.

These products are made seamless with the help of a technical team consisting of technicians and engineers. They check for all the engines thoroughly and ensure that engines are good to go for roads. Autotechio also provides warranties on all its used products i.e; in case of any trouble or repair required you can get it done for free within the warranty period. We believe in building great relationships with our customers so, that they can revisit us or recommend Autotechio to their friends and colleagues if they face any issues with their cars. In case of any inquiry, you can fill the inquiry form on the home page with basic details our team will contact you with the required details and the availability of a used engine.

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