Get an inquiry for low-cost used BMW 330i engines in all manufacturing models. Check our online inventory for used engines with warranties & book your order at a low cost. Autotechio is a reputed firm that offers high-quality preowned engines for BMW in the United States. With a highly qualified & experienced team of experts, we do the proper optimization before the installation of engines in a vehicle. The overall refurbishment process of the BMW 330i engine proceeds with OEM certified parts to make the old engine more reliable, durable & efficient.

BMW 330i motor vehicle is a 3rd generation sedan that is manufactured in different models such as E46 & BMW G20. The series of BMW E46 was manufactured in the year between 1997 to 2006 & its G20 model was launched in the year 2018. Both models of BMW 330i vehicles are designed with updated features to make your driving experience the best in all manner. But due to its continuous uses, we are facing issues with the engine & to resolve this issue most of the people go with the low-cost second-hand engines. So if you are also looking for used engines for BMW with a warranty, here get a complete inquiry from our online inventory.

BMW preowned 330i engines price & specification inquiry

Buy preowned engines for BMW 330i at low cost & warranty, check the latest price & engine specification from our online inventory. We are the authorized dealer & distributor of used BMW engines for sale in the USA. Also, the huge availability of motor engines in all makes & models offers the best buying opportunity. Let’s check a few of the most demanding preowned engines for BMW 330i with a general overview & specification.

1. BMW E46 330i (2000-2006) Used Engines for Sale

Qualified units of BMW E46 330i engines model for sale at low cost, book your order for 2000 to 2006 series of engines. We do the complete refurbishment of old engines under the guidance of a team of experienced experts & remove all faulty & nonworking parts of the BMW 330i engine with the new one. Engine specification detail check in the below table,

Engine typeStraight 6
Fuel typePetrol
Compression ratio10.2
Max power228bhp@5900 rpm
Torque300N-m@3500 rpm

2. BMW G20 330i (2018- present) used engines for sale

The 330i engine model G20 was designed to maximize the overall performance of the vehicle, this engine is powered by a 2.0ltr B48B20 engine model. The maximum power output of this engine is 254 bhp@5000rpm which increases the performance of the engine as well as makes your driving more safe & secure. A few other specification details are mentioned in the below table,

Engine typeinline-4
Engine usedB48B20
Fuel TypeGasoline
Compression ratio10.2
Max power254bhp@5000 rpm
Torque400N-m@1550 rpm

Replacement Cost of BMW 330i Engine

A problem in BMW 330i engines is a common thing which we are facing after a few years in our vehicle. This problem appears due to any reason such as improper maintenance of the engine or after a fixed mile of running. But replacing your old vehicle due to an engine problem is not an accurate solution. The simple solution is to change your old engine & buy a second-hand low-cost engine to get back your old vehicle on road similar to the new one. Replacing an engine will leave you with two options either to replace it with a new engine or replace it with a used engine.

it totally depends on the clients’ budget. Choosing a new one might give your car a new life but it will leave your pocket dry and might kill other plans that you were planning for. On the other hand, buying a used engine not only revives your car but also saves you money. Used engines are generally neglected because of the fear of getting into the wrong deal and wasting your money. If you buy a used engine is just around $ 1,200-2,000 must remember to buy from an authorized dealer like Autotechio.

They will cover your risk by providing you with an additional warranty on your second-hand BMW engine. Used engines are remanufactured by replacing old faulty parts from engines which makes them almost identical to the new engines. Buying a used engine can get you a good deal for even an almost new engine with low mileage.

Grab your used engine deals with Autotechio

With huge years of experience in the automobile sector, Autotechio offers the quality service of used engines with complete reliability & warranty. We work with an experienced team of professionals to make old engines more reliable & efficient. Our team of professionals works according to the client’s requirements & gives the surety of a low-cost engine for BMW.

Autotechio has an excellent customer support team to help you at each phase and is ready to help you all the time. You just have to fill out the inquiry form or contact us. Our team will contact you with all the details. We have been in the business for years because of our genuine products and outstanding services. We believe in building a meaningful relationship with our customers. This is what makes us best than the rest of the preowned BMW engine dealers in the USA. For more information or to book your order fills out the inquiry form with the required information.

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