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Facing problem in BMW 340i engine & want to replace it with the low-cost second-hand engine. We welcome you to the largest inventory of second-hand engines for sale in the USA. Our offering range of preowned engines BMW 340i is well tested in all parameters & OEM certified to increase the performance with a warranty. With the complete core knowledge of the automobile industry, Autotechio offers the truly genuine & quality used BMW 340i engines for sale. We are having a spotless image in the automobile sector due to our reliable & trusted service.

The offering range of BMW 340i engines presents with 3.0 ltr turbocharged inline-6 engines which are highly tested in all parameters. Also, the OEM certified parts of the 340i BMW engine help in increasing the engine durability, performance & efficiency. Let’s find more inquiries with price & specification detail of most selling engine models of BMW 340i.

Preowned/Used BMW 340i engines for sale- Book your order now

Get the most efficient deals on 340i used BMW engines from our inventory. These engines are designed with different body types like a coupe, convertible & others. A few most demanding engine models are listed here, to book your deal you can simply fill out the inquiry form with the required information.

1. BMW 340i used engines for sale (2015-2018 BMW models)

Buy 340i used BMW engines for 2015 to 2018 models. Well optimized & tested in all parameters. These engines are designed with high efficiency & long duration service. Our online inventory carries a huge availability of second-hand engines for sale in the USA. Here get more detailed specifications of BMW 340i engines.

Engine typeInline-6
Compression ratio11:1
Max power322bhp@5500-6500rpm
Fuel typeGasoline

2. BMW 2020 m340i used engines for sale

The sporty sedan BMW m340i is a highly successful & well-appreciated model of BMW all over the world. The engine is powered by an inline-6 turbocharge feature & an all-wheel-drive option. A few other key specifications of the BMW m340i are listed below.

Engine typeInline-6
Fuel typeGasoline
Max power382hp@5800rpm
Compression ratio11:1

3. BMW MK5 B58 340i used engine for sale

Get the best inquiry for BMW B58 340i engines with a two-year unconditional warranty. With the best user experience & stress-free convenient experience, this second-hand engine is more popular among BMW users. If you need one or want to upgrade your old BMW engine with the 340i engines, Autotechio gives you the best buying opportunity at a low cost & warranty. Here get more information.

ModelBMW 340i
Engine3.0L l6 DOHC Turbocharged
Fuel SystemDirect Injection
Power O/P240-285 KW (322-382 hp)
Torque450–500 N⋅m (332–369 lb-ft)
Displacement3.0 L (2,998 cc)

When you should replace your old engine?

When your BMW engine starts to make weird sounds or has reduced fuel efficiency it is an early sign of engine breakdown or failure. In this case, the replacement of old or faulty engines with new or low-cost used engines is the best solution. But buying a new engine for BMW is required spending a lot of money which is sometimes difficult for low-budget customers. The average price of new engines based on the model type is present from $2000 to $8000. If it’s a limited edition then the cost may be higher. Another option is to buy a used BMW 340i engines which can give your car the same feel and high performance without spending much money.

Buying a used BMW 340i engine from a trusted & authorized dealer helps you to find the best deal. Autotechio offers varieties of engines at low & affordable prices. These used engines are also present with warranties up to 5 years depending on different engines and models. Used engine not only saves you money but also cuts the repair cost as if the engine gives any trouble within the warranty period you can get it repaired by us for free. It is quite a money-saving deal if you see the long-term perspective of it.

How long do the used BMW 340i engines last?

Any engine no matter which company manufactures has an expiry date it can last for up to 200-250k miles without any prior issues but sooner or later it will get old and start to bother you. Some BMW engines start to get issues at only 100k miles and some even last more than 300k miles. It is totally dependent on the owner, the way owner takes care of the health of the engine. The more carefully you use it the more efficiently it will work.

If you check for engine oil and coolant from time to time and don’t try to push the throttle more than its maximum limit it will work as perfectly as a new engine. The used BMW engines are remanufactured after replacing faulty parts with new ones. It is tuned to match all the OEM parameters. The used engines are made almost identical to the new ones. This makes them as strong and efficient as a new engine.

Replace old BMW engines with the trusted service of Autotechio

Autotechio is leading the market for years because of its high-quality products. We have been delivering our used engines across all states in the USA. Apart from used engines, we do provide used transmissions also, our products are well-tuned and tested by professionals. We have a customer support team to guide you through all the phases and provide you with the required details of compatible used engines with your vehicle. Autotechio has been sustaining through the years in the USA because of people’s trust that they have shown in us. We believe in creating meaningful relationships with our customers and providing them with a seamless experience. These qualities of us have helped us win people’s trust and kept us ahead of the competition.

For more information or to book your order call us or fill out the inquiry form with the required information & our sales team will help you to find the best deal.

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