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The 530i model of BMW is basically the 5th generation vehicle designed to maximize the power & performance of engines. Most users love to drive this motor vehicle due to its smooth driving experience in all conditions. But its continuous uses or due to any other reason may harm the performance of engines & replacement of BMW 330i engines is much costly. That’s the reason car owner prefer to buy low price second-hand engines for BMW 530i. If you are looking for the same we give you the surety, you come to the right place. Here get more inquiries about the best-selling BMW 530i engines model (inquiry-based on manufacturing years of 530i BMW engines)

530i2003-20052005-20072007-2103.0 L M54 straight-63.0 L N52 straight-63.0 L N53 straight-6228 bhp@5,900 rpm255 bhp@6,600 rpm268 bhp@6,700 rpm221 lb-ft@3,500 rpm221 lb-ft @ 2,500 rpm236 lb-ft@2,750 rpm

Preowned BMW 530i engines inquiry- Model & specification

OEM certified used engines for BMW 530i at low prices, book your order now to get the best deal. Our trusted dealership of used BMW engines for sale checks the performance of engines in all quality parameters & makes sure the engine performance is high & efficient. A few most selling 530i BMW engines are listed below,

2007 BMW 530i used engine inquiry

The 2007 BMW 530i used turbocharged 2.0 L, 4-cylinder, 248 bhp & 257 pound-feet of torque. The company updates this BMW engine year-wise to improve the feature & quality. Also, the engine is tested in all quality parameters under the observation of experienced experts. Our qualified team of technicians replaces all defective parts of engines with OEM-certified new parts. Here in the below table find the specification detail of the 2007 BMW 530i used engine,

Engine codeN52B30O0
Engine ManufacturerBMW
Engine size3.0 L
Transmissions6-speed manual
Model year2007
Fuel typeGas
Horsepower255 hp@6,600 rpm
Torque220 lb-ft@2,750 rpm
Drive typeRear-Wheel-Drive
WarrantyUp to 2-year, unlimited miles

2018 BMW 530i used engines for sale

Get the inquiry for the 2018 model BMW 530i used engines for sale in the USA. Buy a high-quality & well-inspect BMW 530i engine at a low & affordable price. Autotechio deals in quality used engines that are OEM certified & optimized by the experts. We understand the requirement of clients & design BMW engines based on their requirements. Here in this table find the detailed inquiry,

Engine codeB46B20M0
Engine ManufacturerBMW
Engine typeTurbo-charged
Engine size2.0 L
Transmissions8-speed shiftable automatic
Model year2018
Fuel typeGas
Power248 hp@5,200 rpm
Torque258 lb-ft@1,450 rpm
Drive typeRear-Wheel-Drive
WarrantyUp to 2-year

BMW E60/E61 Generation of 530i Used Engines

BMW launches various models of vehicles with powerful & reliable engines. Here is the revolutionary engine E60/E61 of the BMW 530i model which leading the market due to its quality performance & reliability. The company updated many features in the 530i E60/E61 generation to improve flexibility & comfort. Along with it, the low maintenance cost of these BMW engines is also a beneficial factor. A few more details are mentioned in the below table.

Petrol Engines2.0 L, N46, straight-4
2.2 L–3.0 L, M54/N52/N53 I6
3.0 L, N54 I6 turbo
4.0 L–4.8 L, N62 V8
5.0 L, S85 V10
Diesel Engines2.0 L, M47/N47 I4
2.5 L–3.0 L, M57 I6

Which Engine Used in 2004 BMW 530i?

The 2004 BMW 530i is a 3.0 L, straight-6 cylinder engine which produces 225 bhp@5,900 rpm and 234 lb-ft@3,500 rpm its record speed is 0-62 mph in 6.9 seconds. 2004 BMW’s 530i is considered a reliable midsize luxury car. DEtail specification mentioned in the below table,

Engine codeM54B30
Engine ManufacturerBMW
Engine cc2979cc
Engine size3.0 L
Engine typeNaturally aspirated
Transmissions6-speed manual
Fuel typeGas
Power225 bhp @ 5,900 rpm 214 lb-ft@3,500 rpm
Torque214 lb-ft @ 3,500 rpm
Drive typeRear-wheel-drive
WarrantyUp to 2-years

Quality & Performance of BMW 530i Used Engine

When we talk about the quality & performance of 530i BMW engines there is no doubt this 530i is the best-fitted engine. These quality engines give long duration running with efficient performance. In our preowned BMW engines inventory the availability of variety in different fuel options such as BMW 530i gas engine or petrol engines. Its unmatched performance & long run life is just possible due to its high-quality engine. BMW 530i generation vehicle consists of the BMW E60 & E61 that introduce in the year 2003 to 2010 with the turbocharged feature. Here get the inquiry for makes & models of used engines BMW 530i & grab low-budget deals.

Book your used BMW engines order with Autotechio

With years of experience in the automobile sector, Autotechio is the trusted & reliable dealer of used engines & transmissions in the United State. In our online inventory of used BMW engines for sale, you will get the best inquiry in all available makes & models. Our knowledgeable team of technician check & inspect each & every part of the used engine before delivering it to the client’s location.

We understand the importance of the engine in the vehicle & always try to make it more efficient, and powerful & according to the client’s needs. Also, every second-hand engine presents with a minimum of 2+ years warranty. That means if you get any issue in warranty duration this is completely our responsibility to fix it without charging a single penny. A few other beneficial features of our service are listed below,

  • Huge availability in all makes & models.
  • Low buying cost.
  • Complete product warranty.
  • Free shiping in all locations of the United State.
  • OEM-certified parts were tested in each parameter.

For more information or book your order, fill out the inquiry form & our team of technicians will help you to find out the most affordable & the best deal on preowned BMW engines.

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