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Looking for BMW N20 engine replacement but budget is low, don’t worry here we provide the best solution with quality tested & low-cost used BMW N20 engines for sale. With high availability in all makes & models, our inventory carries the OEM-certified used engines with a warranty. These well-refurbished engines are available with a 2+ years warranty on their parts. So if you get any issues we are ready to replace it without charging a single penny. Also, this used engine for BMW N20 highly convenient & hassle-free experience for the user. So if you need to replace your BMW engine Autotechio gives you the complete solution.

This BMW N20 4-cylinder engine was introduced between 2011-17 with its various upgraded models. Due to its turbocharged design & complexity, N20 BMW engine problems are very less. BMW N20 engine is a four-cylinder turbocharged motor engine replacing the older 6 cylinders which were used in N53 engines. It produced similar power as in six-cylinder engines with low-rpm torque. The BMW N20 is a 1.6-2.0l inline-4 engine with a twin-scroll turbocharger.

BMW pre-owned N20 engine inquiry in different models

Buy second-hand BMW N20 motor engines to get back your old vehicle on road similar to the new one. Get the most affordable deal for the used N20 BMW engine for sale, buy the best in quality & well optimize the preowned engine for BMW. These OEM-certified used BMW engines pass all quality tests before being installed in your car. Also, our team of technicians does the proper inspection of each & every newly installed part of the used engine. Let’s get more inquiries with N20 engine specifications for its B16 & B20 models.

BMW second-hand N20B16 engine:

Production2013 to now
Displacement1592 cc
Power output168 bhp

BMW used N20B20 engine:

DisplacementPower outputProductionTorque
1997cc154bhp2013-17240 N-m
1997cc181bhp2011-17270 N-m
1997cc215bhp2012-17310 N-m
1997cc241bhp2011-17350 N-m

N20 engines fitted models for BMW

There are several BMW cars in which these engines were fitted which performed excellently & were successful cars in the market. We are having all these engines in our inventory. Here is the list of used BMW N20 engines for sale,

  • BMW 125i F20
  • BMW 220i F22
  • BMW 225i F22
  • BMW 228i F22
  • BMW 320i F30
  • BMW 328i F30
  • BMW 420i F32
  • BMW 428i F32
  • BMW 520i F10
  • BMW 528i F10
  • BMW X1 E84
  • BMW X3 F25
  • BMW X4 F26
  • BMW Z4 E89
  • BMW 320i GT F34
  • BMW 328i GT F34

BMW 125i f20 used N20 engine available for sale

Buy used N20 BMW engine for 125i f20. This second-generation series of BMW was designed in 5 door hatchback model between the year 2012-2014. Also, this model was the first in a segment that offered an all-wheel-drive option. Here get the detailed specification of this vehicle & its engine,

Engine typeInline-4
Fuel typeGasoline
Power output215bhp@5000 rpm
Torque310 N-m@1300-4800 rpm
Compression ratio10
Engine aspirationTurbo+Intercooler
Top speed152 mph

BMW E89 Z4 sDrive18i USED engine for sale

Huge stock is available in the inventory for the BMW E89 Z4. Engines are well maintained properly inspected and ready to go into the chassis of your BMW car. Here got some further details about the engine.

Engine type2.0l inline-4 turbocharged
Fuel typeGasoline
Power output154bhp
Torque240Nm @ 1250 rpm
Compression ratio10:1
Top speed137mph

BMW 420i f32 preowned N20 engine on sale at Autotechio

This first-generation BMW 4 series car model was introduced in the year 2017-20. Our selling units of BMW 420i f32 and N20 second-hand engines are well optimized in all parameters to provide efficient output. Get the online inquiry for a second-hand N20 engine for BMW 420i f32 & buy the best in the quality preowned engine at a low cost. Here detailed specification of the product,

Engine typeInline-4
Fuel typeGasoline
Power181 bhp
Torque290N-m @ 1300-4600rpm
Compression ratio11
Top speed147mph

BMW N20 used engine for 328i & 320i GT F34

Get the inquiry for 328i & 320i f34 engine N20 models on sale at discounted rates. These 3 series of grand Turismo vehicles were introduced in the year 2016. And for this model, we are providing well optimized & OEM-certified N20 used engine for sale at a very cheap price. Here are more inquiries with specification detail,

Engine type Inline-4 
Fuel Type Gasoline 
Max power242bhp @ 5000 rpm
Torque 350N-m @ 1250-4800rpm
Displacement 1997cc
Top speed 155mph
Condition Used 

Why should you buy second-hand BMW N20 engines?

Low-cost used engines present a number of advantages and sometimes can be more authentic than the new ones. There are a lot of customers who bought second-hand engines and haven’t got any issues with them for more than 10 years. Here are a few reasons for you to buy a used engine:


Buying a BMW-used N20 engine not only saves money but also sometimes gives you excellent deals on low-mileage engines. It is a pocket-friendly option and revives your vehicle under budget.

Environment friendly:

By using a second-hand engine you can play your part in reducing carbon footprints. As the consumption of preowned engines will increase lesser engines will be made and hence will lead to less carbon emission from factories. Which may make a huge difference for our environment.


The preowned engines are tested several times by the technicians to provide proper functioning. Buying a used engine may seem to be risky but Autotechio is providing you with warranties on every used engine which covers your risk of getting into a wrong deal.

Get amazing deals with Autotechio

Autotechio has been selling pre-owned engines for many years now all over the USA. We are authorized dealers and provide you with proper details of the product & deliver it to your home. All our products are tested by professionals and even checked before delivering. We provide extended warranties on our products & have an excellent customer service team to serve you at each step. This team can provide you with all the details and specifications of the product that you are looking for and can recommend you the best product according to your requirement. We have a huge inventory of used engines & transmissions where you can find second-hand engines & transmissions according to your need. Autotechio believes in creating a great relationship with customers. We would love our customers to visit us again.

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