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Preowned/Used BMW S63/S63tu engines for sale, grab your deal now & get extra discounts on BMW engine prices. Autotechio is the authorized dealer of BMW used engines for sale with a warranty in the United States. We cover almost all the locations in the USA with a free shipping service. All parts of used engines BMW S63/S63tu are OEM certified & properly inspect in all parameters to make them more efficient & best for the user’s needs. The offering range of BMW S63 & S63tu engines is mainly designed for the BMW M5 & M6 model. Also, the main fold of this engine keeps a constant exhaust pulse flowing to the turbo at 180-degree rotation.

In our inventory, you will get 100% genuine & company-certified used engines for BMW S63/S63tu. The used engine refurbishment follows the standard norms & all processes are done under the supervision of an experienced team. Let’s get more information & inquiry about second-hand BMW S63 & S63tu engines specification & other detail.

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1. Preowned BMW S63 engines for sale

The BMW S63 engine is mainly designed for the BMW M series vehicle which debuted in the BMW X6 M as well as the BMW M5 model from 2011 to the present. This BMW engine was manufactured with a few updating features such as an intake system and is a slightly changed new exhaust manifold. Also, the turbocharger of this engine was replaced with a twin-scroll Garrett MGT2260SDL. Here get detailed specifications of BMW S63 engines for sale,

Engine ModelS63
Manufacture2009 to Present
Compression Ration9.3, 10.0
Power output408 kW (555 HP) at 6,000 rpm
412 kW (560 HP) at 6,000-7,000 rpm
423 kW (575 HP) at 6,000-7,000 rpm
441 kW (600 HP) at 6,000-7,000 rpm
Torque output680 Nm (502 lb·ft) at 1,500-5,650 rpm
680 Nm (502 lb·ft) at 1,500-5,750 rpm
680 Nm (502 lb·ft) at 1,500-6,000 rpm
700 Nm (516 lb·ft) at 1,500-6,000 rpm
TurbochargerGarrett MGT2260SDL
Garrett MGT2260DSL (S63TU)
Cylinder block alloyAluminum

2. Used BMW S63tu engine specification & inquiry

Second-hand BMW S63tu engines for sale in the United States, Buy low-cost S63tu engines for BMW with a warranty. The engine is designed for the BMW M Series vehicle with some basic modifications like M twin power turbo technology & cross-bank exhaust manifold. Along with it, the twin-scroll turbocharging & direct petrol injection feature is the extra added benefit to increase its performance. A few more information find in the below table,

Engine ModelBMW S63tu
Effective capacity4395cc
Bore88.3 mm
Stroke89.0 mm
Compression ratio10:0:1
Boost Pressure1.5 bar
Redline7200 rpm
Power output560hp@5,750 – 7,000 rpm
Torque501 lb-ft@1,500 – 5,750 rpm

Other variants of BMW S63 engines

  • S63B44O0
  • S63B44T0
  • S63B44T2
  • S63B44T4

What BMW has S63/S63tu engines?

BMW S63 & S63tu engines are the supreme leaders in their category due to their quality performance & durability. This BMW engine was very first fitted in X5 M & X6 M in the year 2010 & after seeing its performance these engines are fitted into M5, M6 & M8 model in the same year. The S63/S63tu engine reflects the immense power output, high performance & speed in BMW M series vehicles. The S63 engine for BMW is the advanced version of the n63 engine which is comparatively less reliable than the S63. BMW improve the quality & tweaked by using the latest specification & features in this engine.

Is BMW S63/S63tu Used Engines Genuine?

Most of the time buying a second-hand engine for BMW create confusion in buyers’ mind, Is the used engine genuine? Yes, this is a very common question & the answer is if you buy used parts of vehicles from the authorized distributor you will get 100% genuine & OEM certified parts. The BMW updates with their S63/S63tu engines till now, to make the engine more powerful. Updates join into S63 solidity with any engine, they are straight away to work out in the early days. The N63 engine is a good example as the original N63s and newer N63tu engines are like to be more genuine than the early S63 engines.

A completely rebuilt BMW S63/S63tu used engine is around $8,000. We offer a two-year, unlimited miles, parts, and labor warranty. S63/S63tu engine created by aluminum silicone alloy block. The identical cylinder and size make the engine high performable. That helps to produce a BMW S63tu engine that can handle around 650bhp. No one can disprove the S63tu engine for its performance. This engine is with 4.4 L twin-turbo V8 that can produce 800bhp with a tune and bolts on with stock powers. Those are certifiable parts but the stock S63 DCT can only handle around 650bhp the Dodson clutch packers are expensive.

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