Buy used BMW S65 engines for sale at low cost and get the best inquiry in all manufacturing models. Book your order now to get the extra discounts & warranty with BMW S65 engines. Our firm is the leading & authorized supplier/dealer of used BMW engines for sale in the United States. Also, our offering price of used engines for BMW S65 is less up to 25% as compared to other competitors. The BMW S65 is a naturally aspirated engine which is launched in the year 2007 to 2013. This engine is mainly designed for the BMW M3 series where the BMW S65 engine replaces the S54 straight-six BMW car engine. Also, the basic structure & architecture of the S65 engine is similar to the S85 V10 engine.

Unlike most other BMW engines S65 is made with aluminum construction which is also used in BMW S85 V10 & E60 M5. In simple words, the used BMW S65 engine is combined with the M series car to represent more modern features than the M3. BMW wanted to keep the brute force in the engine, carry for a 4.0 liter V8, rather than a turbocharged engine. There is no doubt S65 is a historic M series engine. S65 is refreshing, loud, and immersive.

BMW S65 used engines inquiry in all manufacturing models

Here we are offering the list of preowned BMW S65 engines for sale from our online inventory which is well maintained & tested in all quality parameters. Also, you will get a 2+ year warranty with all BMW S65 engines model. The award-winning performance of 2008, S65 BMW 3.0 ltr & 4.0 ltr engines are highly popular due to their quality performance & mileage. Our firm is listed with low in price & best in the quality second-hand engines for BMW in the USA. A few of the most demanding models of BMW S65 engines are listed below.

1. Used BMW S65B44 engines for sale in the USA

The BMW S65B44 engine is the enlarged version of the S65. This engine is available with a lightweight titanium exhaust system & a large stroke of 82 mm. Here get more information on the specification of the BMW S65B44 engine for sale,

Engine ModelBMW S65B44
Torque440 N-M at 3750 rpm
Displacement4,361 cc (266.1 cu in)
Power331 kW (444 hp) at 8,300 rpm
Manufacture Year2010

2. Used BMW S65B40 engines for sale

Buy preowned BMW S65B40 engines for sale at a low & affordable price. Get the inquiry on well-tested & OEM certified second-hand BMW engines in the USA. Get more inquiries with its specification detail,

Engine ModelBMW S65B40
Torque400 N-M at 3900 rpm
Displacement3,999 cc (244.0 cu in)
Power309 kW (414 hp) at 8300 rpm
Manufacturer Year2007

3. Preowned BMW P65B44 engines for sale

The BMW P65B44 engine for sale is mainly used in the racing motor vehicle due to its powerful performance. This BMW engine generates high torque which helps to accelerate the vehicle to more than 100 miles within 4 to 5 seconds. Autotechio offers OEM certified & quality maintain second-hand P65B44 engines for BMW. Here get more inquiries,

Engine ModelBMW P65B44
Torque470 N-M at 4000 rpm
Displacement4555 cc (287 cu in)
Power351 kW (460 hp) at 8700 rpm
Manufacturer Year2012

How much HP can BMW S65 handle?

BMW S65 engine can handle 414 horsepower straight from the plant. It depends on the few basic test of the S65 engine, like test pipes, tunes, intakes, and pulleys can pick up about 40-50 HP. We have to notice tuning modes that give the correct information about the engine, the HP depends on the engine tuning modes. The S65 engine results depend on the parts of the engine and the BMW S65 engine uses high-quality parts. The engine parts play a major role in engine performance. It performs well but changes out the bearing roads if you are worried about it.

What cars have the s65 engine?

This engine is used in many BMW cars due to its high reliability and performance. Its mainly used in the BMW M3 models replacing the old BMW s54 straight-six engine. Here is the list of cars with this engine.

2010-2011 BMW E92 M3 GTS
2011-2012 BMW E90 M3 CRT sedan
2008 BMW M3 ALMS
2009 BMW M3 GT2 racing car
2010-2015 BMW Z4 GT3 racing car
2008-2013 BMW E90/92/93 M3
2013-2016 BMW Z4 GTE racing car

5 problems in BMW S65 engines & displacements

There are some top problems with S65 engines. But not to worry about the problems. We offer the best services and our 100 percent best to our customers. BMW S65 motor problems are:

Rod Bearing:

Before purchasing any used part of the car the first thing is to google first to know about the product’s dark side and bright sides. The rod bearing failure is a number one issue that comes in the BMW S65 engine, that issue has a small effect on your engine. It makes the owner tense, that issue comes in other engines of the BMW. first, switch off to buy rod bearing with aftermarket.

Failure Symptoms of S65 Rod Bearing:

  • Engine making sound and inactive and in the 1,600-2,000 rpm range.
  • A gore in your engine from it rushes up.
  • An engine is completely blocked and stops turning.
  • It can be replaced with approx. $2,500 for parts including labor service charge. We suggest replacing it every 60,000 miles.

Choked body Actuators:

This problem varies in your car mileage it mostly happens in V8. The engine goes out due to this problem. There are two actuators DSC and EML, which cost approx. $600 each excluding labor costs. It is not cheap but there is no specific reason to avoid it, but some have speculated it is due to plastic gears in the actuators, which cost around $600.

Choked body Actuators Defect Engine Codes(S65)

Defect Code: CDCOChoked valve Actuator CAN Message
Defect Code: 2B57Check at Lower Top
Defect Code: 2B21Per driver Check Choked Valve Actuator

Its renewal costs: approx. $1,100 for parts, excluding labor costs.

Idle control valve:

When you turn on your car you feel the car engine is staring hard, If your engine has a defective idle control valve. This fluctuates plus engine lights and error messages. It will put your car into limp mode. It’s not a fatal issue, but you get a pretty headache quickly if you go for a long drive or weekend.

Failure symptoms for Idle Control Valve(S65)

  • Rugged idle
  • Miss happen idle RPM’s
  • Trapping again and again changing idle RPM’s
  • You can replace it for around $1,000. And also you get a 2-year warranty.

Valve Shield and Gasket:

This is a typical issue that comes in many of BMW’s other engines also, the owner thought that the gasket leaks a small amount. Some replace the only gasket and others replace both the gasket and valve shield. Mind that this is a high-performance engine that gets hot. Wrap the gasket and valve shield leads to oil leaks.
Its symptom is oil stains where you park the car, and oil on the engine. And notice how much oil the engine is consuming and leaving on the ground. If it ends before a month, surely get them checked. A gasket is around $180. And the valve shield is more though at $675 on a single side.

Failure sign of S65 Valve Shield and Gasket

  • Oil leakage from the Valve shield
  • Cracks in the valve shield
  • Spark plug shield in oil
  • Smoke coming from the engine due to leakage of hot oil.
  • Replacement of S65 valve shield and gasket are S65 cylinder 1- 4 Gasket and S65 Cylinder 5 – 8 Gasket.

Oil cooling:

The oil cooling will only be an issue if you keep your car on track. Suppose you run your vehicle hard only when oil can get too hot. This happens when your car goes into limp mode, for avoiding this issue we recommend you get a larger oil cooler. You have to ensure to keep the temperature down to a manageable level.

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