OEM certified preowned engines for BMW Z3, book your order now to get the best deal on all manufacturing models of BMW Z3 engines. Our firm is an authorized distributor & dealer of used BMW engines for sale in the United States. These low-cost second-hand motor engines are the cheapest way to bring back your old vehicle on road similar to the new one. Along with its affordable buying cost, many used engines dealer in the USA gives unconditional 2+ years warranty with their product.

The BMW Z3 sports vehicle is designed with 2 seaters sitting option & is available in different manufacturing models. This model of BMW very first introduced in the year 1995 with a coupe & roadster body style. The latest & updated engine version makes them one of the fastest cars in the BMW series. According to its manufacturing models, there are different categories of BMW Z3 engines design. A few of the most demanding models of BMW Z3 engines find in the below list & book your order based on them to get the most attractive deals.

Preowned/Used engines for BMW Z3- Book your order now

There are numerous upgrading done to the BMW Z3 engine from the time when its manufacturing started. As we know BMW always focused to upgrade their engine to increase the performance of vehicles. Here in the below table get the inquiry for the various updated models of BMW Z3 engines based on year.

YearEngine typeDisplacementBody type
19961.9L inline-41.9LConvertible
19972.8L inline-62.8LConvertible
19971.9 inline-41.9lConvertible
19981.9 inline-41.9lConvertible
19982.8 inline-62.8lConvertible
19983.2 inline-63.2lM convertible
19992.5 inline-62.5lConvertible
19992.8 inline-62.8lConvertible
19992.8l inline-62.8lHatchback
19993.2l inline-63.2lM 2dr Hatchback
19993.2l inline-63.2lM Convertible
20002.5l inline-62.5lConvertible
20002.8l inline-62.8l2dr Hatchback
20002.8 inline-62.8lconvertible
20003.2l inline-63.2lM convertible
20003.2l inline-63.2l2dr Hatchback
20012.5l inline-62.5lConvertible
20013.0l inline-63l2dr Hatchback
20013.0 inline-63lConvertible
20013.2l inline-63.2lcoupe
20013.2l inline-63.2lM convertible
20022.5L inline-62.5lconvertible
20023.0 inline-63l2dr Hatchback
20023.0 inline-63lConvertible
20023.2l inline-63.2lM convertible
20023.2l inline-63.2lM coupe

Second-hand BMW Z3 engines price & specification

Buy used engines for BMW Z3 from our online inventory, select the model of the used engine & get the best quote about its price & specification. The offering range of Z3 engines for BMW is refurbished under the guidance of a qualified team of engineers to make them more efficient & powerful.

1. Preowned BMW Z3 1999 0 2.5 2.3 M52TU engines inquiry

Contact us to buy used BMW Z3 1999 engines in the USA. These high-performing second-hand Z3 engine parts are OEM certified & well inspect in each parameter. During the rebuild process, we follow all the standard norms to maintain the quality of the product. The detailed specification of the product listed here,

Engine ModelBMW Z3
Manufacturing year1999
Warranty2+ years
Engine type2.5L l6 DOHC

2. Used BMW Z3 3.0l M54 Manual Engine for sale in the USA

Get the inquiry for second-hand BMW Z3 3.0l M54 engines, and buy a high-quality engine with a complete warranty. Engine quality testing follows all the standard norms to maintain reliability & the best choice for your vehicle. Here get detailed specifications & buy this preowned BMW Z3 engine at a very cheap price.

Engine modelBMW Z3 3.0l
Warranty2+ years
No. of cylinder6
Engine type3.0L l6 DOHC

3. Used BMW Z3 330ci engine 2001- Get an inquiry now

2001 BMW Z3 330ci engines for sale at very low cost & complete manufacturing warranty. This second-hand engine is available with an average of 100K running miles. All faulty & nonworking parts of this engine are replaced with OEM certified parts, which increase the ability of long performance. Let’s get more specification detail.

Engine modelBMW Z3 330ci
Manufacturing year2001
No. of cylinder6
Engine size3.0l

BMW Z3 used engines reliability- Reason to buy

Preowned BMW Z3 engines performance & all quality standards inspect & validate by our expert team. Also, the availability in different sizes is between 1.9L to 3.2L giving the best buying opportunity to the clients. As the name, BMW has become a synonym for status and high performance it does cater to its customers with the best features and technology. There are certain issues that are unresolved in all BMW vehicles. The engine is a mechanical part of the vehicle so normal wear and tear in it is natural. It is not with only BMW it happens with all the other vehicles too. BMW Z3 used engines are definitely a reliable option as all these faults are removed and worn-out parts are replaced.

This sports car is mostly owned by car enthusiasts who know how to take care of small issues and how often should they replace various parts of the engine. There is a number of owners who have bought used BMW Z3 engines and have been using them for years. They have reported a few issues with the BMW Z3 engine which are minor, like Leaking oil from the engine, power steering fluid leakage, etc. These issues are sustained from the very start of the production of BMW and these are not very severe issues that can cause any further damage to your BMW.

Buy used BMW motor engines from us- Book your order now

We are an authorized dealer & distributor of used engines for sale with a warranty in various manufacturing models. The range of preowned BMW engines offered by Autotechio pass all quality tests & able to serve long-duration service without any problem. But if you get any issue with our product in warranty duration, we are ready to resolve it without charging a single penny. Buying a used engine from our inventory is a very easy & hassle-free process. You just need to fill out our inquiry form & submit it with all the required detail. After that our sales team will contact you & gives you all the information related to your query.

Our best in class used engine service is available with various beneficial features, such as

  • Low cost of used/second-hand engine
  • Product warranty
  • Doorstep service
  • OEM certified product
  • Product testing in all parameters

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