Looking for used AMC automatic transmission for your vehicles, here get the inquiry for all makes & models of AMC. If your old transmission is not working properly or there is any kind of fault then buying a second-hand transmission for a motor vehicle is the best solution. The low cost of buying & easy availability feature makes your decision more beneficial. So if you really want to purchase used AMC transmission, you can check in our online inventory & select according to your needs. We are the authorized dealer & service provider of used AMC manual transmission & automatic gearbox for sale.

Used AMC automatic transmission for sale

Due to the specialization in both automatic & manual transmission service for AMC vehicles, we are the trusted dealer of used gearbox in the USA. Here we will share a list of the most demanding used transmission for AMC vehicles. The vehicle comes up with an automatic transmission either a 21-spline or a 23-spline output shaft. Transmission that normally used 21-spline output shafts is coupled with four-cylinder engines.


Our dealership of AMC used automatic transmission in various series such as AMC 258, 304, 360, 727 & many more offers the huge availability of the products. So whenever you search used transmission near me, we are the best option with a number of features. We also check & test automatic transmission in all parameters before installation. Let’s get a look at our best-selling used AMC automatic transmission for sale.

1. AMC 727 used transmission for sale


1972-up AMC 727 Javelin torqueflite transmission for sale in the USA. The transmission is available with good rebuild quality & best in class performance. Our used transmission service in the USA covered all the locations. So it’s easy to select Automatic transmission for AMC from our inventory & we give you the service from delivery to installation. The approx price of 727 AMC used transmission is $590.

Transmission typeAutomatic
Model year1972
PriceUnder $600

2. Used AMC 304 transmission automatic


AMC 304 automatic transmission for sale in used condition. Low price with quality maintained service of this automatic transmission is the best replacement option for your vehicles. Also, the testing of the gearbox in all parameters increases the trust of the products. The approx buying cost of used AMC 304 automatic transmission is $300.

Model typeAMC 304
Transmission typeAutomatic
PriceApprox $300

3. AMC 904 transmission used


Used 904 transmissions for AMC available for sale with automatic gear shifting feature. All the faulty components of the gearbox are replaced with the new one to make its performance more long-lasting. Also, the proper testing & installation under the knowledge of experts make our service highly trustworthy. The approx cost of second-hand 904 AMC transmission is $450.

Model typeAMC 904
Transmission typeAutomatic
Gear speed6- speed

Along with that, a few more best-selling used AMC transmission services provide by Autotechio.

  • AMC Rebel
  • AMC Hornet
  • AMC Concord
  • AMC Gremlin
  • AMC Eagle
  • AMC Javelin
  • AMC Matador
  • AMC th400
  • AMC turbo 400

How to identify AMC automatic transmission?

AMC (American Motors company) has a wide range of both automatic and manual transmissions! We carry all brands of different used transmissions. Transmission is the part in your vehicle that is most complicated and least understood. Here is one common question from everyone: How to identify AMC transmission? To Identify your automatic transmission there are many other ways available.

Some telltales have a tag riveted to the housing or a code stamped into them. You can also measure the dimensions of your transmission to check. It would be much easier to look at the pan of transmission of a transmission’s ID for telltale giveaways. If you place your car into drive or reverse mode to make it move, then this is the sign of automatic transmission. So if your car doesn’t have a clutch pedal, it means it has an automatic transmission.

Features of Used AMC automatic transmission

To ensure that each transmission we supply meets our high standards, we put it through a rigorous inspection process. Our skilled technicians perform a visual inspection of each gearbox by removing the pan and filters. Seals, filters, and gaskets are all replaced prior to installation. The torque converters are completely sealed, and the front pump is perfectly aligned. This transmission comes with a warranty and is available in a variety of configurations. Below is the listed features of our used AMC automatic transmission.

  • Choosing a used automatic transmission will save you money.
  • We offer high-quality used transmission.
  • The Cost of a used automatic transmission is less than others.
  • A top-level warranty offered on transmissions.
  • All the testing completed and passed automatic used transmission for sale.
  • Smooth and better performance.
  • Fully inspected by an experienced team.
  • Not any type of complaint or fault will be found in our used transmissions.
  • Different models of AMC transmission available.
  • The maintenance cost is very low.

Why choose us for used automatic transmission

Transmission is a complicated part of your vehicle. It needs extra care for its maintenance. People don’t want to take risks for their vehicle, they choose or go for trusted brands. Autotechio is one of the largest and trusted brands in the USA. We count on the reputed brands of the market, so you can believe in us without any second opinion.

There are different reasons present to choose us. Firstly the reason is the cost of your used transmission. Do you have a question about how much it costs for a used automatic transmission? You don’t need to stress yourself because the cost for the used automatic transmission is low or you will always find it cheaper than others. The other reason to choose us is our quality that is worth to the price.

Our teams use the latest car technology for remanufacturing and used transmissions and engines. You will find our transmission maintenance services are much better than others that extend the life of your transmission. Most importantly now it’s your responsibility to check your transmission fluid on a regular basis. With the high quality of low-cost AMC transmission, you will get here great warranty offers on our used automatic transmissions. It means if you have any technical issue with the transmission we will replace it.

We work for quality service. We value our customers and their review. Our team is always present to help you here. On the other hand, if you have any problem choosing the perfect transmission, Our team members can assist you. They will help you to find the transmission that is perfectly suitable.

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