If your Lexus car transmission is fully destroyed . and you want to change it with a new. But you incapable of buying a transmission as it is more expensive. So to overcome your problem, we insist you buy the used transmission for under $500. We have a wide range of used Lexus automatic transmission for your Lexus car. The used transmission is said to be an old transmission with some new features. Our used transmission is qualified and tested under all parameters of dyno testing. And we provide the used transmission at your pocket-friendly price with a warranty.

Used Lexus automatic transmission for sale

As the car transmission is just like the gearbox of the vehicle. It consists of several components working together. These components are easily mounted straight on the engine with the attached belt. And the gear system will convert the combustion power to the physical momentum as produced by the engine. Mostly normal transmission is consists of five and six gearsets. It allows the driver to control and regulate the power supplied to the car. The transmission also helps to ensure the engine spins at a particular or constant rate. Without a transmission, you may face many difficulties at the start and stop of your car. You won’t even drive properly your car without transmission.


So don’t take any risk with it. If your car transmission is damaged then try to change it. And if you are not able to buy the new transmission then go through with the used transmission. We offer great deals on used transmission in the USA. Our organization provides the best quality used transmission at a low cost with a warranty. We provide the tested and qualified used transmission. Even we also offer the best deals on the models of used transmission. Here some of the used Lexus automatic transmission models are discussed below.

Used Lexus automatic transmission models

  • LS 430
  • LS 460
  • GS 250
  • IS 250C
  • RX 200T
  • GS 460
  • RX 350
  • GS 300
  • RX 300
  • IS 250
  • NX 200T
  • RC F
  • RC 200T
  • SC 430
  • IS 300
  • GS 430
  • IS 200T
  • LS 400
  • IS 200

Features of used Lexus automatic transmission

  1. Comfort: The main advantage of automatic transmissions is that they are basically simpler to use. Driving an automatic transmission vehicle is so natural, However, they are helpful to drive. They decreasing the driver’s involvement in the driving process. and it also increases the likelihood of an accident.
  2. Strength: Automatic transmissions are more powerful than the manual transmission. They are mostly used planetary gear-set housed at the back of the transmission. It is used to transfer powers. Due to this surface contact will increase between the gears, which spreads the torque load at a large surface and reduces breakage.
  3. Speed increase: As the automatic transmission works accurately. It shifts the gears faster. If we talk about manual transmission, so shifting requires several driver movements. And also the performance can be calibrated due to the distances between clutches.
  4. Force Multiplication: As automatic transmission uses the torque converter which makes the engines idle. Basically, the torque converter is used to transfer the power using an engine-driven turbine blade. This blade pushes the fluid through the transmission. When a turbine blade reaches the particular RPM overwhelms the transmission ability of the turbine to pass fluid. The increases in torque just by idle, and with it the acceleration of the vehicle. Hence through this, we can achieve multiple forces.

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