Are you searching for used Jeep automatic transmission for your vehicle? Then you will be in right place. Auto Techio is a certified supplier of used transmissions for sale in the USA. You can buy the used transmission from our large collection at an affordable price range. Our organization provides the guaranteed products. The used transmission may define as adding some new auto parts with logic in the old transmission. The used transmission takes less time in installing.

Used Jeep automatic transmission sale

There is a very amazing vehicle in the marketplace, known as a Jeep. These types of vehicles use very expensive products are they were justified as CBU products. Basically, there is 9-speed automatic gearbox is available in a Jeep. As the Jeep transmission is a diesel variant of the vehicle.


So if you are using a Jeep and you want to replace your malfunctioning transmission with a new one. But as the products which are useful in this vehicle often very costly. So obviously the transmission is also becoming expensive. Now you might be a little confused as you can not buy the new transmission because it is more expensive and also you would not buy the old one as it does not become guaranteed for the right functioning.

At that time you may opt for used transmission. As used transmission will be a guaranteed product for right functioning. And also, the used transmission is less expensive. Hence Auto Techio offers the used Jeep automatic transmission for your vehicle at an affordable range. We provide a large catalog of used transmissions at a better price adjustment. Our network provides various models of used Jeep automatic transmission.

Used Jeep automatic transmission models

  • Jeep Grand Cherokee 44RE
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee 45RFE
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee 46RE
  • Wrangler 30RH
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee 42RE
  • Jeep Tj Wrangler 42RLE
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee 46RH
  • Wrangler 32rhcherokee AW4

Features of used Jeep automatic transmission

As the transmission is the second most important part of your vehicle. This requires some kind of maintenance too. Its main functionality can be defined as reducing the high engine output speeds to the vehicle’s slower wheel speeds. And also transmission is used to increase the torque. Some transmissions are like 6-speed a, 9-speed, and many more. Here the basic overview of the transmission is given. Here some features of Jeep automatic transmission are listed below:

  • Enhance engines performance
  • Increase the ride quality
  • Provide 6-speed automatic gearbox
  • Enhance the fuel efficiency
  • Automatically shifting of gears

Identify the used automatic transmission for Jeep

We can identify the transmission by using an identification plate. This plate is stamped at the manufacturing time. The location of the plate may vary. this identification plate contains the build date and part number. Here we are suggesting some steps to identify the location of the identification plate.

  1. Firstly raise the front of the vehicle through the car jack.
  2. Then lay down on the mechanic creeper and position yourself by using your legs.
  3. Then look near the filler plug at the bottom of the transmission. check both sides for the plate.
  4. Look above the oil plan on the plate.
  5. There are such numbers on the plate. first will be the model number, then the second part number, and the last build date.

Why Auto Techio

Auto Techio is a certified supplier of the used transmission at an affordable range. Our network contains a large collection of transmissions. If you choose us as for buying the used transmission, you will find more services:

  • Products warranty
  • Reliability of products
  • Less expensive products
  • Less time consuming

If you want to query on used transmission about its prices and specification. You can contact us via the request a quote button. here customer support is available 24/7.

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