If you are looking for used Daewoo automatic transmission. As your old transmission is not working properly and giving you problem. And now you are thinking of changing your transmission. Here you can buy used transmission at a low cost. These transmissions only look old from the outside but it totally works as the new transmission. We can assure you the transmission will work as well as the new transmission would work. Finding the right transmission is not an easy task for everyone. That’s why Autotechio offers you the best used Daewoo automatic transmission for your car.

Used Daewoo automatic transmission for sale

Do you know transmission experience more during the lifetime of your vehicle than any of the mechanical parts? A fully functional transmission is as much as important the engine of any vehicle. That is why no car owner wants an issue in transmission. So you are sensing problems in the transmission like lack of response, weird sound, leaking fuel, or burning smell. These all are symptoms of damaged transmission and it is the right time to replace your transmission. But you didn’t want to spend more money & want to find under your budget.


Hence, Autotechio is providing Used Daewoo automatic transmission at a pocket-friendly cost. And we believe in providing the certified product to the customer with a warranty. Our organization contains a wide range of used transmissions under budget. The available range of Daewoo automatic transmission performance is equal to the new one because Autotechio follows all the standard norms & replaces all the faulty parts with the new one. Here get the inquiry of the used transmission with its specification detail. Along with the service of the used automatic transmission, we also deal in manual transmission for Daewoo.

1. Daewoo Lacetti used transmission inquiry

The Daewoo Lacetti is a compact car manufactured and marketed globally by GM Korea since 2002. The first-generation Lacetti was available as a four-door sedan and five-door station wagon. Daewoo Lacetti Transmission varies according to a year of production, body type, fuel type, transmission,  or power. Daewoo Lacetti transmission list.

ModelDaewoo Lacetti
Body TypeHatchback
Fuel TypePetrol
TransmissionManual & Automatic
Power93 hp
Transmission5-speed manual transmission
Torque150 Nm @ 5800. 111 ft-lb

2. Daewoo Lanos Used Transmission

The Lanos 1.6 SX is a front-wheel-drive saloon (sedan) automobile with a front-placed engine, manufactured by Daewoo. Its engine is a naturally aspirated petrol, 1.6 liters, double overhead camshaft 4 cylinders with 4 valves per cylinder. This powerplant produces 107 bhp (108 PS/80 kW) of power at 6000 rpm, and maximum torque of 145 N·m (107 lb·ft/14.8 km) at 3400 pm. The engine drives the wheels by means of a 4-speed automatic transmission.

Daewoo Lanos Transmission varies according to a year of production, body type, fuel type, transmission,  or power. Daewoo Lacetti transmission list.

ModelDaewoo Lanos
Body TypeSudan
Fuel TypePetrol
Power80KW @ 6000 RPM
Torque146 Nm or 107 lb.ft @ 3400 rpm

3. Daewoo Tosca used Transmission

The Daewoo Tosca is a mid-size car designed by Daewoo in South Korea and marketed by Chevrolet as the Chevrolet Epica and Chevrolet Tosca, while Holden marketed it as the Holden Epica. Codenamed V250, it replaces the Daewoo Magnus and its derivatives. Daewoo Tosca Transmission varies according to a year of production, body type, fuel type, transmission,  or power. Daewoo Lacetti transmission list.

ModelDaewoo Tosca
Body TypeHatchback
Fuel typeGasoline
Torque107 KW @ 6300 RPM
TransmissionManual & Automatic
Transmission5-Speed manual & Automatic

Along with all of them, a few other models of Daewoo transmission offered by Autotechio are listed below

  • Daewoo Tosca
  • Daewoo Espero
  • Daewoo Leganza
  • Daewoo 4HP14
  • Daewoo GM 6T40
  • Daewoo Nubira
  • Daewoo GenTra
  • Daewoo LeMans
  • Daewoo Magnus
  • Daewoo Arcadia
  • Daewoo GM 6L50

Reason to go with used transmission- Features & benefits

Old problems like high consumption and poor driving experience are no longer. Above all modern automatic transmission achieves good fuel consumption. The main thing in the used automatic transmission is vehicle shift through the gear. Another advantage of a used automatic transmission is it makes stop and go easy. The same thing we cannot say about the manual transmission that always requires a constant press of clutch and shifting gear to move forward. A few other features of buying used transmission,

  • Convenience
  • Cost
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Maintenance
  • Performance
  • Full control
  • Safety

Why chose Autotechio used transmission service

Autotechio provides you with the best-used automatic transmission. We sell the best brand of used Autotechio transmission in the whole USA. Autotechio is one of the best in the industry which you can trust. We offer a great warranty and great customer service with the best and high-quality transmission. On the other hand, if you have other problems in your car, like the transmission we have all the solutions related to the transmission engines. If you will choose us to spend your money and time, you will find great services:

  • High availability of branded products
  • Warranty
  • Less time of installing
  • Guaranteed products
  • Less expensive
  • Tested and inspected products

The mission of Autotechio is to provide a high-quality car transmission to their customer. Our team uses the latest technology for used automatic transmission. You will find our maintenance service much better than any other firm. Our dedicated teams are always available to solve customer problems. Autotechio has an experienced professional technician’s team, which you can trust blindly on their work.

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