If you want to need a replacement Lincoln transmission with the warranty? if yes then you at the right place for buying the transmission. We are offering the used Lincoln automatic transmission which works as the new transmission. Our network provides a large catalog of used transmissions sales with a warranty. The used transmission may define as the adding of some new functions with the new auto parts to the old transmission. Auto Techio provides the tested transmission to ensure reliability.

Used Lincoln automatic transmissions for sale

We assume that a transmission is a single component. But in actuality, transmission consists of a transmission filter, lubricating fluid, cooler lines, a transmission pan, a torque converter, and few parts. When the engine runs the transmission does its part to shift the gears. Due to wear and tear the there is intense heat and friction is produced. Lubricant is used to mitigate the impact of friction and heat. The filter is used to keep the dirt and from other parts of lubricant. However, the filter and transmission fluid are lost their ability and become dirtier. Therefore, it involves the replacement of filter and transmission fluid. Hence replacing, again and again, may acquire the money waste.


So instead of paying more money to a machinist, we prefer you to buy the used transmission. Auto Techio provides a large collection of used transmissions with a warranty. Our network provides the reliability of the products. We offer the rebuilt transmission at very low costs. Here we also provide some models of transmission.

Used Lincoln automatic transmission models

  • Lincoln Aviator
  • Lincoln Blackwood
  • Lincoln Continental
  • Lincoln LS
  • Lincoln MKC
  • Lincoln MKS
  • Lincoln MKT
  • Lincoln MKX
  • Lincoln MKZ
  • Lincoln Nautilus
  • Lincoln Navigator

Features of Lincoln automatic transmission

Our network provides the number of used Lincoln automatic transmissions with the reliability of the products and at an affordable range. Here we also describe some features of Lincoln transmission that are listed below:

Driving experience:

Our used transmission provides driving comfort. The transmission automatically shifts the gears without direct manipulation of the driver. However, by using the upshift and downshift buttons we can take some temporary manual control. The system can determine based on driver interaction the temporary manual control is no longer in use and then return to automatic shifting.

Sport Automatic:

A long time before, when you shift in sport mode you have to attempt a manual shift. Due to this reason, some people are not interested in shifting the sport mode. But now we provide the performance-oriented automatic shifts in used transmission. As when you lift the accelerator pedal, the transmission will hold the gear for better performance. And when you brake the vehicle on hilly roads, the transmission will downshift at higher speeds.


When the system determines that the engine runs at excessively low rpm then it will allow automatic downshift. And if the transmission determines the downshift runs on high rpm then to prevent the over-revving, the transmission will automatically upshift. The transmission will automatically shift a lower gear to provide the necessary acceleration.

Reason to choose Auto Techio

Auto Techio provides a large collection of used Lincoln automatic transmissions at an affordable price range. Auto Techio is a certified supplier of used transmission. If you choose us for spending money and time, then you will get more services that are:

  • Guaranteed products
  • Less maintenance required
  • Less expensive
  • Tested products
  • Less time consuming

If you want to get more inquiries on used transmission, you can contact us via customer support. Our customer support is available 24/7.

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