Is this true that you are thinking of changing your malfunctioned transmission for used Subaru automatic transmission? If answered yes then you might be thinking of buying the new transmission. But you are unable to buy that one due to it being more expensive. So you are at the correct marketplace. As we offered the best quality used transmission at better price adjustment. Here we offer the tested and inspected used transmission with a great warranty. Our organization contains a large number of used transmissions at great guarantee.

Used Subaru automatic transmission for sale

As the growing number of manufactures are wonder about how automatic transmission can improve performance. And even the Subaru transmission provides the benefit of losing the momentum of the vehicle while driving. These transmissions are popular and more affordable. Mostly these transmissions can control the fuel efficiency and provide a smoother ride.


Now if you have observed some weird smell and obstacle sound from the transmission. And if your transmission is unable to change the gears. Then your transmission may be damaged. Now we suggest you replace or repair the transmission with a new one.

Here we offered the high-quality used transmission at a very low cost. You will found here that the new auto parts are added in the used transmission. Here we also provide the best prices on the models of used Subaru automatic transmission.

Used Subaru automatic transmission models

  • 3AT
  • 5EAT
  • 3AT
  • ACT-4 or VTD
  • 4EAT
  • 6EATT
  • A960E
  • 3AT 1st revision

Benefits of used Subaru automatic transmission

The automatic transmission is a multi-speed transmission. As in the automatic transmission, there is no direct manipulation of the driver to change the gears. We can also say that automatic transmission is also called hydraulic transmission. This transmission consists of the torque converter, planetary gearsets, and hydraulic controls. The automatic transmission is more helpful in providing comfort while driving. It acquired several features. Some of the main features are listed below.

  • Improved fuel efficiency: Subaru transmission uses a lower numerical gear ratio. This will decrease the engine’s speeds and enhances fuel efficiency. Through the wide range of gear ratios delivers great fuel efficiency. And that low friction will improve fuel efficiency.
  • Extra hydraulic pumps to control the fluidity of transmission: As there are some hydraulic pumps are available to control the fluidity of the transmission. Through these pumps, we can reach the viscosity at particular strokes. By using these we can decrease the friction as well as the workloads over the pumps.
  • Quicker and Smooth shifts: There are quicker and smoother shifts are available in the automatic transmission. To achieve the high performance we required quick shifts.
  • Reduce spin losses: It consists of several friction-reducing design features that include the viscosity transmission fluid. These features are easily reduced the spin losses.
  • Wider gear ratio speed: There is a widespread ratio in the period. And if we increase the size of the gear. Then a better and smoother run is available. It will enhance the driver’s experience.

Reason to choose us

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