If you identified any transmission issue with your Buick motor vehicle & want to replace it used one, then get an inquiry for all makes & models of Buick transmission. Replacing a faulty transmission is always a great idea for low-budget clients. In short, we can say the price of used Buick transmission is more affordable & easy to buy. A few easy to identify symptoms of Buick transmission failure such as fluid leakage, unwanted noise, problem in gear shifting, that indicate the servicing or replacement of the automatic gearbox. Other problems reported in Buicks that could be mistaken for transmission issues include potential looseness in the throttle pressure cable connecting the carburetor to the transmission in several models.

Here we offer the best-replacing range of Buick used automatic transmission for sale at low cost. You can easily select the one based on your vehicle model type. Along with the service of the used automatic transmission, we also offer low-cost used Buick manual transmission for sale.

Used Buick automatic transmissions for sale

List of used Buick automatic transmission price & specification, buy high-quality automatic transmission to get efficient output. Autotechio offers well-tested & qualified units of transmission with fix duration of warranty. Also, the replacement of faulty & non-functional parts gives them a fresh look as similar as the new one with the money-saving feature. We understand the complexity of automatic transmission that’s the reason we do the installation only under the expert’s knowledge. Here get the list of a few best-selling Buick automatic transmissions.

1. Used Buick 6 speed automatic transmission


Buick 6 speed automatic transmission for sale in the USA. Get the inquiry for best in quality & well-performing second-hand Buick 6 speed gearbox. The rebuilt process of this transmission follows all the standard norms to maximize its efficiency. The approx cost of 6 speed Buick automatic transmission is $350.

Transmission typeAutomatic
ModelBuick 6-speed
PriceApprox $350

2. Buick 2009 enclave 3.6 ltr used transmission


Get the inquiry for Buick enclave 2000 3.6 ltr used transmission for sale. We are an authorized distributor of Buick transmission in the USA. Our low-cost buying feature & maintaining the quality of products make us a prime distributor & supplier of the automatic gearbox. The approx buying cost of a used Buick 3.6 ltr used transmission is $700.

Model typeBuick enclave 2000
Transmission typeAutomatic
Option3.6 ltr
PriceApprox $700

3. Used Buick Super Turbine 300 2 speed automatic transmission


Redesign with genuine OEM parts to build the performance of the used transmission, the Buick super turbine 300 2 speed transmission is an excellent product for racing cars. The transmission is well tested in all parameters to enhance its service. The approx buying cost of Buick super turbine automatic transmission is $275.

Model typeBuick super turbine 300
Speed2 speed
Transmission typeAutomatic

A few more most demanding automatic transmissions for Buick, you can find over here.

  • Buick Regal
  • Buick Electra
  • Buick LaCrosse
  • Buick Skyhawk
  • Buick LeSabre
  • Buick Envision
  • Buick Enclave
  • Buick Encore

How to identify used Buick automatic transmission

If you have a question like how do I identify my transmission? To identify whether it is automatic or not. The first option is to count the number of oil pan bolts on the bottom of the transmission. The second is to differentiate automatic transmissions with the same bolt count using an oil-pan shape. For further identification of automatic transmission, use a Buick transmission application.

Due to the convenience of an automatic transmission, they are becoming increasingly popular in modern cars. There are different types of automatic transmissions available like Buick 4 speed automatic transmission, Buick 215 automatic transmission, Buick v6 automatic transmission, Buick 225 v6 automatic transmission, Buick special automatic transmission, and many others. The first Buick automatic transmission was Dynaflow the trademarked name for a type of automatic transmission. It was built and developed by General Motors Buick Motor Division from late 1947 to mid-1963.

The hard shift in automatic transmission

The number one and most common problem with the automatic transmission fluid is hard shifting. Causes of hard shifting can be either not enough of its presence, or old, used-up transmission fluid that needs to be replaced. Lack of lubrication or lubricating oil will always cause hard shifts. Always have your transmission fluid checked by a professional. Here a Buick enclave automatic transmission fluid capacity, can take 9.5 / 9.0L. Vehicle owners should have knowledge about which option is better for transmission fluid change.

You also have some responsibility towards your car that should know about transmission maintenance and the habit to check your vehicle regularly. The vehicle should be driven carefully, the Fluid availability check, and the load of the engine needs to be low so that it can give long-lasting and better performance. If you see any minor problem in your car, you need to fix it immediately. It can change into any major issue. AS for your safety purpose, your vehicle should be good every time.

Benefits of used Buick automatic transmissions

  • The affordable price of Used automatic transmission.
  • Smooth and high performance of the used transmission.
  • All tests passed and quality checked transmission.
  • Various types of transmission and their models are available.
  • Warranties offer to depend on the transmission
  • Fast speed of the car and other parts.
  • Used transmission as in new condition.
  • Zero complaints and faults on transmission and also on other auto-parts.

Why choose us

Autotechio offers you a used transmission for your vehicle. The transmission quality includes distortion, degradation due to noise, frequency response errors, echo, group delay, gain compression, and other things to problems and you will not find any fault from these.

Our dedicated team is always available to help our customers, we offer you lower prices of products than others. Your vehicle is our priority, We are here not to sell the auto parts, we provide our customers with high-quality performance. If you have issues related to selecting transmission, our team will surely assist you. Most importantly no one wants to take the risks for their vehicle. So they don’t want to hand over it to an early learner, he can mistakenly ruin something or some part in your vehicle.

Autotechio has a team of experienced members that you can trust. We give you a warranty on our products with extra care. We aim for your benefit. Deal of no loss and no complaints.

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