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Used Audi manual transmission for sale

Transmission is the most specific component of the vehicle. This will transfer the power generated by the engine to the axles which turn into the wheels. Due to this, your vehicle will move. The manual transmission is known as the standard transmission and sticks shift. It will use the clutch through which the torque will regulate from the engine to the transmission. The clutch is engaged by a foot pedal or hand lever. As the manual transmission is simple and the longest lives one. Because there are fewer parts to go wrong.


And some driver enjoys the driving with manual transmission. Manual transmission is cheaper and has the best fuel economy. That’s why it is less complex. And it will not quickly deteriorate. But if it so. It means your transmission is unable to change your gear and speed.

That means you have to replace your transmission. Now at that time, you may worry about the high expense of new transmission. So we prefer you buy the used transmission. Buying the used transmission is the best idea to save your money and increase your vehicle life.

We offer the best quality used transmission at a low cost. Our used transmission is certified across the USA.
We also offer the best deals over the models of used transmission. Some of the models of the used Audi manual transmission are listed below.

Used Audi manual transmission models

  • A3
  • A6
  • Q3
  • A7
  • A5
  • Q7
  • Q5
  • A8
  • S3
  • S4
  • RS7
  • S6
  • R8
  • S5
  • Wagon
  • S8
  • A5
  • S7
  • RS3
  • RS5
  • A4

Benefits of used Audi manual transmission

Further, we are describing such advantages of used Audi manual transmission.

  • Less expensive: Mainly the manual transmission is quite less expensive than the automatics. It is comparatively cheaper and budget-friendly.
  • Acceleration: As the manual transmission is a better medium to transfer the power from the engine to wheels. Due to this, we can accelerate our vehicle. However, the automatics never reach us faster with the dual clutches.
  • Better control: Most drivers prefer manual transmission as they provide better control over the vehicle. By using this we can easily change the gears in any difficult driving conditions.
  • Better fuel efficiency: The manual transmission has a bigger number of gears. Though it can use in hill-type areas also it will save more engine power. Due to this, it will save our overall fuel cost. As it is less complex in the case of machinery, which turns to deliver better fuel efficiency.
  • Cheaper to maintain: As there less complex parts used in the manual transmission. So it is far cheaper to maintain. Hence there is a cheaper maintenance cost.

Why choose Auto Techio

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  • Warranty
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