Does your Chrysler car need a new transmission? If yes then you are at the right marketplace. Here you will get the right used Chrysler manual transmission at a better price range. You will find the best range of used transmission prices here. We offer the tested and inspected used transmission at a low cost with a warranty.

Used Chrysler manual transmission for sale

Our used transmission is good as new. After purchasing the used transmission from Auto Techio, You will receive additional machine work that will enhance its quality level to the car as a new transmission. This means that on testing the used transmission, the entire thing will be tested. Although the used transmission has all the new mechanical parts that are added to enhance its quality and durability. However, the used transmission was firstly tested and the damaged parts will be addressed and then replace with a new one.


Here we are offering the best quality used transmission at a low cost. We also provide the best deals on the models of used Chrysler manual transmission that are listed below.

Used Chrysler manual transmission models

  • Chrysler 300
  • Chrysler Crossfire
  • Chrysler a833
  • Chrysler nsg370
  • Chrysler 300c
  • Chrysler 200
  • Chrysler 300 srt8
  • Chrysler Sebring

Features of used Chrysler manual transmission

  • Control: Most cars have paddle shifters that allow the user to select the gears. But the clutch can not be controlled. Hence it means if the transmission jerks then you can do nothing as the computer may not understand the context. Whereas manual transmission allows the driver to have full control over the shifting of gears. But in automatic, it can be unpredictable as to when it shifts the gears then they have a manuka leaves upshifts and downshifts completely up to the driver. While in the manual you can easily shift the gears and possibly expect to accelerate and deaccelerate whenever you want.
  • Fuel Efficiency: As we can control the car behavior about acceleration and gearbox with manual transmission. So in this, we can also control the fueling session. We can control the fueling by keeping the engine RPMs as low as possible and we can even shift the highest gear from anywhere in the H-pattern. In this way, manual transmission is more efficient.
  • Engine Brake: The manual transmission has true engine braking. With the help of manual transmission, going down a hill will be the easiest task. As the car will slow down when the lower gear is selected.
  • Simplicity: The manual transmission consist of the box full gears. It is more simple also. Nowadays most people thought that automatics are more simple but they cannot see the hidden complexity with it. But in actuality, the manual transmission is more simple as H patter gear level.

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