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Used Eagle manual transmission for sale

Mostly the manual transmissions require a clutch i.e, operated by a driver with the foot, gas pedal. It also requires one hand to put it on steering and move the shifter. This will takes the proper coordination. It may be confusing at first. But on working with the same mechanism, this becomes easy. As manual transmission is most popular worldwide. Due to the lower cost. It will also enhance the reliability as compared to the automatic transmission.

Now if your transmission is not working well. And you are not able to change your transmission. Then you should properly check your transmission.


As if your transmission is being deteriorated then you are now thinking to replace your bad transmission with another one. You might afraid of the high expenses required for the new transmission hence you didn’t worry, used transmission is the other option. You can buy the used transmission from Auto Techio.

As we offer the used transmission at an affordable price range. Our used manual transmission is offered with a certain warranty. You will also find out the wide range of models of used Eagle manual transmission. Some of the models are listed below.

Used Eagle manual transmission models

  • Summit 5
  • Talon 15
  • Vista 5

Advantages of used Eagle manual transmission

There are more good reasons for having the stick shift transmissions. As manual transmission is usually easy to maintain than automatics auto parts. There are more benefits that are listed below.

  • Fuel efficiency: The manual transmission generally made the cars to be more fuel-efficient. Since the engines are less complicated and weightless by use of manual transmission. Hence the fuel efficiency may vary by only a few miles per gallon that are depending on the transmission type.
  • Price: Manual transmissions are generally more affordable to buy and install both. They are less expensive than automatics also. Most drivers prefer manual transmission for sports performance. And also the repairs and maintenance are less costly with the help of manual transmission. It may also cheaper because they use less complicated mechanics.
  • Less likely to be stolen: There are many vehicles that occupied the automatic transmission. They thought that driving with a manual transmission is the last thing. Yet they don’t know the beneficial points of it. That’s why car thieves will not think to steal your car.
  • Better control: Mostly the drivers choose manual transmission for their better control over the vehicle. They found greater control with it. Because they can choose which gear is to use according to their situation.

Reason to choose Auto Techio

Auto Techio is one of the best and certified suppliers of the used transmission at low cost. We are a qualified provider of used transmission in the entire USA. You will find here the finest quality products. As our used transmission is physically tested and inspected by our technician’s teams. After this, we process the dyno testing over this transmission.

When all the testing occurs on the used transmission then we delivered them to the customers with a standard quality. We are not delivered the damaged products. In the testing, we removed the damaged parts. Furthermore, we add some new parts. We give a certain warranty on our products appearance and working. Moreover, you will find the used transmission with ease. You will see here the wide range of products at low cost with a guarantee.

If you will put your money to buy our used transmission. Then we assure more services with it.

  • Warranty
  • Branded products
  • Ensured items
  • Affordable items
  • Safer
  • Less support required

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