Get ready to take the used Hummer manual transmission for your Hummer car. And also we offer the used transmissions for sale in the USA. As we know that you may have a damaged transmission and you want to replace it with another. But you are worried about the high expense that will be used to buy another transmission. So to overcome the expense problem, used manual transmission is a good option to place in your car. Now let’s have a look at our used transmission repository.

Used Hummer manual transmission for sale

As the main function of the transmission is to transfer the engine power to the driveshafts and to the roadside wheels. Through this, the gears change the speed and torque of your car. Mainly the torque relates to the engine’s speed. The low gears help the engine to generate more power through torque multipliers. The engine power is responsible in accelerate the vehicle.

Generally, the torque and power that comes from the engine used by the transmission to rotate the input shafts. These shafts mesh with the cluster of gears.

Hence the transmission is the main component that helps the car to move. Without it, we cannot move our vehicle as well as can not enjoy the ride.


Most people prefer the automatic transmission due to its simplicity and ease in the drive but they do not know about the hidden complexities. While a manual transmission is easier to use. Even we get the numbers of gears to enhance our driving speed. This stick shift simply designs. There are no such complexities in manual transmission that appear in automatic transmissions.

As we talk about manual transmission. Then if your manual transmission is not well working. So you have to replace it. Here buying the used transmission could be a better idea to put it in your car. We offer a great deal of used manual transmission at better and affordable rates. You will find the great quality of used transmission with warranty. We also offer the models of used Hummer manual transmission at low cost. Some of the high-quality models are listed below.

Used Hummer manual transmission models

  • Hummer H3
  • Hummer H2
  • Hummer H1
  • Hummer H3t

Advantages of used Hummer manual transmission

  • Cheaper – Historically the manual transmission has been cheaper than automatics. You may observe that a car with automatic transmission will be quite 1000 $ more than of same make and same model car with manual transmission. Because there are fewer complicated parts are used in making manual transmission which makes the transmission to be less costly.
  • Better Gas Mileage – Every driver wants a high control and better mileage over their vehicles. Hence the manual transmission provides better mileage as it can reduce how much gas their car burns. Eventually, the manual transmission provides a 3-4 miles per gallon advantage over automatics transmission.
  • Easier to Maintain – The stick shift has fewer moving parts, so it is easy to maintain. As it requires less servicing to remain their functional logic. It does not require the same type of oil as an automatic transmission. Usually, these transmission makes the car for last long use.
  • More Control – There are many reasons that why drivers choose manual shift in their vehicle. One of them is better to control. On using this the drive feels a sense of control over the vehicle. It is also helpful in bad weather conditions or also helpful in hill-type areas.

Reason to choose our used transmission

Auto techio is one of the leading and award-winning suppliers of used transmissions at low cost. We often provide the used transmission with a better appearance. And also our used manual transmission is damaged free. We know that the used transmission is said to be the old transmission. But here we add some new parts in the used transmission to enhance their quality. As our professional experts manually tested the used transmission. And after this, these are tested under a dynamometer. After that by seal packed these products are delivered to the customer. Here some features are added with these products.

  • Products warranty
  • Less support required
  • The huge availability of branded transmission
  • Less expensive

If you want to make more inquiry on the buying process. Then you may contact us via email, phone, and online customer support.

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