We are supplying the used Mini manual transmission for your car. They will enhance the performance of your Mini car. Here you find the best and cheap used transmissions prices.
The new transmission is more expensive and also more expensive to maintain. While our products are more affordable and less expensive to fix. Even we delivered the tested products with a certain warranty. Let’s choose the right transmission for your car from our great inventory.

Used Mini manual transmission for sale

The manual transmission is also known as the standard transmission. As it is a multi-speed transmission that changes require the driver to manually select the gears. It can select the gear by using the gear stick and clutch.

As the manual transmission has the gear shifter and the driver’s control. That driver input is responsible for changing the gears. Here there is a mechanical linkage called a clutch. The clutch pedal is controlled by the driver’s foot and the gear’s lever is controlled by the driver’s hand.


Because these are the standard transmission, the clutch is mainly required. Without a clutch, the manual transmission is not able to move your vehicle. Hence if the clutch will not able to change the gears. Then you have to replace your transmission. Now you may think about buying the new one. but you are worried about the high expense of the new transmission.
So to overcome your problem, we suggest choosing used transmission. As they can save your money as well as enhance the performance of your car.

You may easily find the used transmission at autotechio. and also you find here the best quality products at cheap rates. We also offer the best deals on the models of the used Mini manual transmission. Some of these models are listed below.

Used Mini manual transmission models

  • Mini cooper
  • Mini countryman
  • Mini Cooper convertible
  • Mini Clubman
  • Mini cooper countryman
  • Mini cooper g56
  • Mini convertible
  • 6-speed manual Getrag
  • Mini countryman all4

Benefits of used Mini manual transmission

The manual transmission often improves the acceleration, sometimes significantly. There can be a welcome of more benefits with smaller engines of manual gearboxes. Some of these advantages of manual transmission are often discussed below.

  • Control: If we talk about the control of manual transmission, then the drivers one of the aspects of manual gearboxes is that they enjoy the control provided by the stick shift. And also being involves with the performance of the car will brings joy for the drivers.
  • Performance: The manual gearboxes will improve the performance, weigh less and lose less power that is consumed by the cars with the automatics transmission.
  • Theft deterrence: Sometimes most buyers think that manual transmission is may effective theft deterrent. As most of the people can’t drive the manual cars. And this will effectively lower the chance of stealing the manual vehicle.

Reason to choose us

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Because customer satisfaction is our first priority. That’s why we often delivered the tested products under the dyno testing. While this testing we replace the damaged parts with a new ones and improves the performance and efficiency of that product. If you will choose us to spend your money at our site for buying the products. Then you may get more benefits with it:

  • Less expensive
  • Less time consuming
  • Guaranteed products
  • Tested products
  • Less maintenance required

If you have any questions about the used transmission and its buying process. Then you may easily contact us via email, phone, and online customer support.

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