Are you finding the used Toyota manual transmission for your Toyota car? Because your old transmission is not working anymore. So choosing our used transmission is a good option in replacement of your old one. Now if you are thinking to buy the new one. Then it may become more costly.

Hence we can save your money here. As autotechio provides the best and affordable used transmission prices. Our products may look old from the outside but work new as from the inside. Now just have a look at the various features of our Toyota transmission.

Used Toyota manual transmission for sale

The manual transmission works with one stick to change the gears and also uses a clutch pedal with it. While the automatic transmission enables manual shifting. The automatic transmission is also called automated manual .because the operation of automatic is what sets them apart from the true manual transmission.

As the manuals have multiple speeds, though they remain similar under certain skin. If the key to higher mpg, then manual have no longer this advantage. But we have higher gear counts so it will be controlled. The manuals are also maintenance-free. On depending the driving style the manuals required the replacements of the clutch with time and use.


Because the clutch is the most sensitive component of the manual transmission.
If you do not maintain the clutch, then your manual transmission may get spoiled. And if your transmission is not working well. Then you might think to buy the new one.

At that time we suggest choose our used manual transmission. as our transmission is offered at low cost.
And through this, you can save your time and money. We also offer great deals on the models of used Toyota manual transmission. Some of these models are listed below.

Used Toyota manual transmission models

  • Toyota Tacoma
  • Toyota Supra
  • Toyota corolla
  • Toyota Camry
  • Toyota 4runner
  • Toyota Tundra
  • Toyota rav4
  • 4runner
  • fj cruiser
  • Toyota Yaris

Benefits of used Toyota manual transmission

The manual transmission is more useful in transferring the power from the engine to the wheels in a better way. Even we can accelerate pour vehicle more quickly with help pf this gearbox. there are more advantages of used Toyota manual transmission which are listed below.

  • Cheaper: mostly the cars with manual transmission are cheaper to buy. Because the manuals gearboxes are generally less expensive and also it requires less cost to maintain and repair than automatics transmission.
  • Fun: with the use of manual gearboxes some drivers are more fun to drive. As there are large numbers of gears offered with manual gearboxes.
  • Fuel efficiency: another benefit of a manual gearbox is that drivers use their own decision to shift up and down the gear. While the automatics transmission, the decision are made on certain factors which may get it wrong sometimes. Like using the up gear when driving on the hill. On the other hand, the manual gearboxes shift the gear quicker and smoother.
  • Maintenance: the technology used in automatic can be more complex. This complexity makes the transmission more expensive and more expensive to theory, manual transmission is easier and fewer expensive to fix. But there is a case if your driving style includes rough gears. then there is a tendency to ride the clutch too much.

Reason to choose us

Auto techio is a certified and trusted brand in the USA. we are one of the reputed brands for suppling the used transmission. There are multiple reasons to choose us. as one of them is that we offered the used transmission at the best and affordable rates. You didn’t get the lowest price anywhere for these products. Because some vendors apply extra charges for selling these transmissions.

And here we also offer the great quality of these products. On using our used transmission, you may increase your vehicle’s life, and also you didn’t require it to be maintained more. Because our products belong to the old category. So they are more reliable and flexible. Hence they did not require more support in installing it.

Even our expert technicians manually tested all the products. These products are further examined under certain factors of Dyno testing. Here we guarantee the damaged free used transmission. We also offered certain services on buying our products.

  • Warranty
  • Guaranteed products
  • Less expensive products
  • Less maintenance required
  • Safer

If you have any sort of problem then you can easily contact us via email and phone. You may also contact us via an online contact form.

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