Are you using the Volkswagen car? And you have identified some problems in your manual transmission. So may your transmission require a replacement. Hence you may think to buy the new transmission. So here we suggest an option of used Volkswagen manual transmission for your car. This will saves you money. As the offered used transmission prices are very low. And also using this transmission, the performance of your vehicle might be enhanced. So let’s have a look at our inventory to choose the right transmission for your car.

Used Volkswagen manual transmission for sale

The manual versions of the car come with multiple speed gearboxes like 5 speed or 6 speed. Because it is easy shifting in manual cars by using manual gearboxes. And also the manual gearboxes are designed to minimize the noise of the engines. It will also improve the fuel economy by just reducing the engine’s revs at a higher speed. Also, we use the short lever to change the gears in manual gearboxes. The large cable operation will reduce the weight in manual transmission.


The manual gearboxes are filled with lifetime oil and do not need routine maintenance. Hence these are quite more efficient than the automatic counterparts. But one of the components of manual gearboxes i.e, the clutch, requires the proper care and maintenance. If the clutch will be damaged then your whole transmission will get spoil. At that time you need to replace your transmission.

So choose our used transmission, as these are easily available in the market at cheap rates. You may also find it through online portals. One of the online resources is Auto Techio. Here you will get the best quality products with a certain warranty. We also offered great deals over the models of the used Volkswagen manual transmission. Some of these models are listed below.

Used Volkswagen manual transmission models

  • VW golf
  • VW Jetta
  • Tiguan
  • VW Beetle
  • Passat
  • Golf R
  • VW Touareg
  • VW GTi
  • MK7 GTi

Benefits of used Volkswagen manual transmission

  • Cheaper: The full transmission required a costly procedure. If you want to replace your transmission. But you are not afforded the high expense. Then you can choose the used manual transmission. As manual transmission is quite cheaper than automatics. And you can easily afford them.
  • Improve Performance: The manual transmission has a large number of gears such that we can easily drive in hill-type areas by using the higher and lower gears. And also the manual transmission has less complex parts. due to which there are weightless engines is used in the manual cars. Hence less complex parts will use less engine power. And we can save the engine’s power. Through this, we can easily drive the car at a faster speed.
  • Help the Environment: Manual transmission is also called fuel-efficient transmission. As we have discussed that the manual transmission uses less complicated parts. Due to which it uses less engine power. Hence the engine will require less fuel to generate the engine power because manual gearboxes will save the engine’s power. Hence it will become fuel-efficient. and also it provides better mileage.

Reason to choose us

Auto Techio is one of the certified suppliers that provide the used transmission at very cheap rates in the USA. We are a qualified and trustworthy brand for supplying good quality products. Even though we also offered a great and standard warranty over the distortion, degradation, frequency response errors, noise problem, gain compression, and the group delays. Our team will dedicatedly work to give the best quality products to the customer. As they tested the used products and also examined under all factors of dyno testing.

And if you face any problem while buying the transmission. Then our expert team will always help you. As customers, comfort is our priority. That’s why we always work hard to fulfill the customer’s needs. To achieve customer satisfaction, we offer here the best quality and high-performance products at a low cost.
Now we have also added some services with the buying of products. Our services include:

  • Warranty
  • Less expensive products
  • Less support required
  • Guarantee products
  • Safer
  • Easy to install

If you face any sort of problems. Then you can easily contact us via email, phone, and online customer support. You can also contact us through the contact form. In this form, if you will enter your phone number with your query. Then our customer service experts will happily call you and give the best solutions to your query.

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