Do you have the damaged Volvo transmission? If yes then you might be thinking to buy the new transmission. So instead of buying the new transmission choose our used Volvo manual transmission. As these transmissions can save you money and time both. And also you find the best quality used transmission for sale offered in the USA. Place our transmission in your vehicle, you can save your money. And also as our transmission is more reliable so they can enhance the performance of your car.

Used Volvo manual transmission for sale

The transmission is required to transmit the power whether you have a rear or front-wheel drive. As the transmission allows the engine to functions on a few gears. Through this, you can travel the vehicle at a large range of speeds also.
The manual transmissions are very different from the automatics counterparts. The main difference between them is that the manuals use the clutch pedal and gear lever to shifts the gears.


If we compare automatic and manual transmission, you will found that manual transmission is more simple. Mostly the clutch is responsible for connecting and disconnecting the engine from the transmission. As the clutch must be engaged to stop the transmission from turning. Once you have released the clutch, then your engine will reconnect to the transmission.

But the clutch requires the proper care. As the clutch is the mania component of the manual gearboxes. If your clutch enables you to engaged and disengaged. Then your transmission does not work properly.
At that time you have to replace the transmission with a new one. But as the new transmissions are more costly. So we suggest instead of buying the new one, go through with the used one.
You can easily buy the used transmission. As these transmissions are offered at cheap rates. And also you can find them easily at Auto Techio.

Auto techio also offers great deals on the best quality models of used Volvo manual transmission. Some of these models are listed below.

Used Volvo manual transmission models

  • Volvo s60
  • Volvo xc90
  • Volvo m47
  • Volvo m56
  • Volvo m46
  • Volvo xc40
  • Volvo v60
  • Volvo v70
  • Volvo m66
  • Volvo 850
  • Volvo s60r
  • Volvo xc60
  • Volvo xc70
  • Volvo c30
  • Volvo s40
  • Volvo truck
  • Volvo 240
  • Volvo v90
  • Volvo c70
  • Volvo s80

Benefits of used Volvo manual transmission

Many people are not aware of the advantages of manual gearboxes. Though they don’t know the importance of manual gearboxes. So here we listed down some advantages of a manual transmission.

  • Enjoyment: Most people often love to drive with manual gearboxes. As they found a large number of gears in this transmission. through which they can drive faster and faster.
  • Price: As we know that the manual transmission is cheaper than automatics. Because the manual transmission uses the less complex parts through which they offered at low cost.
  • Less maintenance: Manual transmission has less complex and few moving parts in its design. This means that the required routine maintenance of the manuals is cheaper and easier. Thus the manual transmission requires fewer services than automatics.
  • Fewer problems: Manual does not have more problems than automatics. Because automatic transmission uses complex parts which makes it complex in nature. Hence it often offered more problems.
  • Fuel economy: As some automatics counterparts use the sophisticated and complicated enough to in fuel efficiency. While the manual, when driven properly it usually performs better than automatic. As it reduces the low power of the engine and provides an ability for drivers to optimize their driving for better mileage.

Reason to choose us

Auto techio is one of the qualified and certified brands for supplying the used transmission. We bring the transmission for both domestic and foreign vehicles. You will find here the multiple brands transmission that will save your money. Even though we perform the dyno testing on the used transmission. And while testing if we found any damaged part then we replace it with a high-performing and best quality part. After that, we delivered the products to the customers with a standard warranty. We have also included some services with the products. If you buy these products then you may find these services. Our services include:

  • Warranty
  • Less expensive products
  • Less support required
  • Guaranteed products
  • Safer

If you have any questions about used transmission. Or you want to inquire about these used transmissions. Then you can easily contact us via email, cell, and online customer support.

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